Giant Turkey

Time to catch up on the NY Giants, comment on what it all means and where the team is headed.

1) Garrett. The big news this week was the firing of Jason Garrett. Garrett is a good guy, but a weak Coordinator. His schemes are archaic and ineffective. I have mentioned this in the past- follow Dan Schneier on Twitter. He practically makes any daily commentary unnecessary, leaving me to just tend to bigger picture focus. Dan has been chronicling the deficiencies in Garrett’s offense since last season, and we can’t say we are surprised at all. The NFL’s version of the Medusa is here on one play reviewed by another analyst, Dan Orlovsky. It cannot be unseen. Warning, you may turn to stone if you look at it:

2) The First Ten Games. The Garrett exit is part of larger dominoes shaping up. We have to take a step back; before we get to the season’s end housecleaning, let’s get a sense of the Giants final record for 2021. Earlier this year, we projected that the Giants would finish the tough part of the schedule (which ended Monday night with a loss to TB) at anywhere from 0-10 to 2-8. They finished 3-7. Ahha, an uptick?! Not in the slightest. Let’s review the past schedule and balance each Win/Loss versus a true assessment of what each opponent represented.

Loss to Denver. At 5-5, they are the mediocrity of the NFL. Denver has beaten NYG, NYJ, JAC, WAS, and a Dallas team that did not show up. They lost to the more credible opponents.

Loss to WAS. At 4-6, another garbage team at 2-6 who has now begun to play a little better, beating TB and CAR. Thankfully the Giants do not face WAS again right now (they play them the last game of the season), or else they would probably lose.

Loss to ATL. This was the season crusher. Atlanta is extremely similar to the Giants. They feed off the dregs and have zero chance against competent teams. Who has this 4-6 team beaten? NYG, WAS, NYJ and NO. Aah, yes, New Orleans. We get to talk about them next.

Win vs NO. I did not see this one coming, but it fits neatly into the weak narrative. The Saints are this year’s enigma. Even inside that game, it was an enigma. How does a 21-10 lead with 9 minutes left in the game evaporate against a garbage team like the Giants? To be fair to the Giants, this was the one game all season their OL pass protected. OL narrative, anyone?! The Saints made 4 mistakes to hand the game to the Giants. (Hey, it happens with garbage teams, as the Giants handed the game to WAS and ATL in the prior 2 weeks.) First, they went into the Prevent Offense. Second, when they could not get pressure on Jones, they did not mix up their fronts and confuse the easily befuddled Giants OL. Third, and this one blew my mind, the single greatest RB pass threat out of the backfield, Alvin Kamara, had zero receptions (and 0-1(?) targets)…. against a Defense that hasn’t stopped TEs and RBs since Antonio Pierce. Oh, and did I mention that Crowder (as well as IR Martinez) were out? Fourth, and last, the Giants were not running the ball well for most of the game. 2 of their 20 carries generated half their yardage (including a Jones run for 20 yds)…. yet the Saints were biting on play action. The Saints are now hobbled by injuries and the lowly Falcons beat them. At 5-6, they are good enough to win and bad enough to lose at any moment. (The Thursday night 31-6 pasting by BUF is part of this understanding that the Giants win was against a team in transition post Brees.) Fitting that the Giants game ended off of a coin toss in Overtime.

Losses to DAL, LAR and TB. These teams are 7-4, 7-3 and 7-3. They are the types of teams you measure your competitiveness against. The Giants got shellacked by each one of them, 44-20, 38-11, and 30-10. And the scores of each one of these games weren’t as close as the blowouts each game represented. Consider that it was 38-3 before 8 points of garbage time vs the Rams. Or that it took a muff by Mike Evans plus a Tackle eligible for the final score not to be 30-3 vs the Bucs. These are the games that remind you why the Giants are in need of some serious retooling.

Wins vs CAR & LVR. The victories against CAR and LVR are more a statement about the NFL than the Giants. At 5-6 and 6-5 respectively, these teams are part of what I call the soft underbelly of the NFL. The injury to Christian McCaffrey and the dysfunction of the Raiders are a metaphor (along with the uncompetitiveness of the Giants) for massive mediocrity. Carolina was a good football team to start the year. McCaffrey went down, and the team suffered. After limited action in his first game back, his second game back together with Kyler Murray’s absence and a new QB enabled a win by Carolina vs AZ. So the Giants were fortunate to play the Panthers when they played them. The Raiders game would have been a loss without the stellar play of Xavier McKinney.

Loss to KC. The Giants battled in this game. The Chiefs were a weak team at 3-4. The Giants game jump-started a 4 game winning streak for KC. Do not let their 7-4 record fool you. They are sloppy and heavily penalized. Kelce is busy dropping balls. Mahomes is throwing INTs. The Offensive tackles have not recovered from the injuries and offseason bloodletting. KC was fortunate to miss Aaron Rodgers (Covid) and their best performance may have been last Sunday vs DAL. The Giants squandered an opportunity to beat KC, a la WAS and ATL. Sound familiar? A Jones INT giftwraps a KC TD. Crazy personal foul penalties. Graham had a good defensive gameplan with 2 deep safeties but the Giants offense could not finish.

3) Xavier McKinney. McKinney is a bright spot (along with Quincy Roche) in an otherwise forgettable season. This is really McKinney’s first season as a pro, having lost the vast majority of 2020 to injury. Logan Ryan, a 9 year veteran with 2 rings from his days with the Patriots, says “the sky is the limit” for McKinney. High praise. Ryan continues…

“He’s a really good player. He’s a smart player. He works hard. He’s productive because he’s good at finding the ball in the air. The good thing about Xavier is he had a ton of success in college, obviously, and he came from a program that’s used to that. He’s able to come to work each and every day and he doesn’t seem like he’s acting any differently with the success. He seems like it’s what he expects of himself and what we expect of him. He’s playing well beyond his years, and that’s what we expect him to do.”

4) Giants D. When I am wrong, I admit it. I believed the Giants would have a Top 5 defense this season. They rank 26th. Woof. What happened? (1) The Giants are playing a lot of soft zone. This worked against Mahomes vertical attack but others were comfortable going underneath. Note how Brady the master was patient, going underneath and then went vertical as soon as Graham went with 1 high safety. Good QBs and good teams make the adjustments.(2) Bradberry went from being a shutdown corner to (at times) an invisible liability. Against TB, one play summed it up, where he could not make a tackle when he had his arms wrapped around the ball carrier, and the play went from no gain to a ~10 yard gain. His dominant play last year is simply not there this year. My best guess is he’s playing with an injury that is compromising his play. If you have another explanation for how a player goes from terrific to mediocre in one season, I’m all ears. (3) The preseason loss of Martinez was bigger than I thought. (4) Leonard Williams got paid and now he is back to what we knew he was all along- a solid interior DL who can make some “Secondary” sacks but is certainly not worth trading picks for, tagging, or 3 years/$63MM. Even so, his production has fallen off worse than I (or most) expected. (5) The Edge pass rush impact from Carter, Ximines and Ojulari has been mostly crickets. Ojulari has been active, with 5.5 sacks, yet most of this has come against weaker competition, putting more emphasis on the feast-famine of the NFL’s soft underbelly. He’s a rookie, so it is fine, as he is exactly where he needs to be. But the 2021 Edge pass rush is simply not there, especially against the better opponents. Rookie Quincy Roche had a key sack to end the game vs the Raiders. This is how you win games. Without pressure, you lose games. For the Giants, it is more about losing.

5) Daniel Jones’ 3rd year. This is a hot button for many fans. Franchise QB? Or not? Everyone can agree that the lack of an Offensive line and a credible Coordinator are not helping Jones. But these things merely amplify weaknesses in ball protection and (lack of) pocket poise. We see Jones’ warts. The only time this season he credibly led a 4th Quarter comeback was against the Saints when he had requisite protection. Re the problem with pocket poise, Orlovsky is a little more blunt with his choice of words.

I am not so fast to jettison Jones. I have two reasons why. The first is to nuke the OL with 4 picks in Round 1, Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3 of next year’s Draft, assuming the requisite talent is there. (Side note: the next GM will use 2 of those 4 picks on OL and congratulate himself.) The second reason is that I’d rather have these young OL players hammer Jones with rookie mistakes than turn my next QB into David Carr. Essentially I want to develop my OL before drafting the next QB. Maybe, small maybe, Jones looks good enough with a terrific Coordinator and consistent credible protection. If not, then the OL is ready to plug in a QB in the 2023 or 2024 Draft.

6) Overdrafting. It is worth another visit to the concept of what we mean by overdrafting. Every player has a perceived AND projected worth. Regulars to this NY Giants blog know that we said on Draft day in 2019 that Daniel Jones was overdrafted.

Overdrafting means taking a decent player much sooner than he should be taken. It is as much about squandering draft resources as it is in not getting an impact player. The reason I am coming back to this point is that Mark Schlereth brings up a dynamic here which colors the error from Gettleman coveting Jones.

You have to have a mindset that you are going to walk away from a player if you cannot get him where he belongs. There are too many answers (other good players) and too many landmines (overdrafting, busts) in the draft. Gettleman fails to incorporate this into his thinking, believing he is all-knowing. Hence Barkley full bloom love in 2018, Jones overdrafted in 2019, the Baker trade up into Round 1 to take a player with a serious red flag (work ethic, nothing directly to do with why he was cut, but why yet another R1 pick underperformed from Day 1), and Thomas the first of 4 consensus elite OL picks taken (significant value squandered). Schlereth’s 50 second dismantling of the Jones selection is as simple as it is true. It’s one of many reasons why Gettleman’s decisions have failed the Giants. Remarkably, even if that one move would have worked, it would have saved the Giants and Gettleman. It did not, and fittingly he will not last as the Giants GM.

7) The Remaining 7 Games. 2 PHL, WAS, DAL, MIA, CHI and LAC. I can see the Giants going anywhere from 0-7 to 4-3, hence finishing anywhere from 3-14 to 7-10. Let’s assume the best outcome, splitting the remaining 4 divisional contests and beating MIA + CHI. How does Mara respond to 7-10? We know how he will respond to 5-12 or less. The point here is that 7-10 is the same as 3-14. What difference does it make if you can cobble together 7 garbage wins or 3 garbage wins? Who cares if you can beat MIA? Or split with WAS? Yes, improvement will always be welcome in the remaining portion of 2021. We want to see the Giants develop younger players like Ojulari, Roche, Thomas and McKinney. Many others will not survive a new GM and Head Coach.

8) Decisions vs Outcomes. Suppose someone gives you the following proposition: we flip a coin and if it lands heads I pay you $60 and if it lands tails, you pay me $40. Do you do the coin flip? Yes, all day long. Each flip has a net positive expected value of 0.5*($60) + 0.5(-$40) = +$10. Every time you flip the coin, it’s like someone is handing you a net $10 bill. Now if you flip the coin once, and it comes out tails and you lose, was the decision to flip a bad one? NO! It’s a mistake to make a determination on the decision to flip the coin based on any one outcome.

This framework of Decisions vs Outcomes applies directly to individual Draft decisions. If the decision is structurally flawed (where the attributes are net negative relative to other choices), then the Draft decision is incorrect. And vice versa. It doesn’t matter that Jones is a HOFer or a bust. That’s the outcome. Both possibilities existed on Draft Day and both possibilities still exist (although both extreme outcomes are less likely). Gettleman will be judged on the outcomes of ALL the decisions he has made, which sum to the aggregate performance on the field. So when we see (a) win now in 2018 (b) Barkley’s diminished impact (c) Daniel Jones’s imperfections (d) DeAndre Baker’s trade up & bust (e) inability to effectively prioritize Offensive Line and (f) win now in 2021, it sums to 18-40. Those structurally flawed decisions yielded a slew of negative outcomes, which collectively have doomed the Giants. Should it really matter whether the Giants finish 3-14 or 7-10? Does either outcome imply a more or less favorable assignment to Gettleman’s decisions which led to this state of the franchise? We urged Gettleman’s release after Year 2. We have not seen anything to change that opinion. In fact, the best decision of Gettleman’s tenure, trading down from 1.11 to 1.20, was asterisked by the razor thin luck(!) of Philadelphia trading ahead for Smith. If you have to ask whether we care about the outcome of Smith’s career, then you need to reread the section.

9) John Mara. I have this fantasy. I want to see Mara come into the end of season Press Conference and say this: “This past season is one of great disappointment for the organization, the fans, and ownership. I hold myself completely responsible for everything that has happened. I hired Dave Gettleman. I approved the head coach hiring. My administration suggested Garrett (source: Raanan). I said in no uncertain terms that 2021 would need results, especially after we emptied the tank and went aggressively through Free Agency. We failed on all levels. Having had one of the worst records in the NFL since 2017, that singularly must be on me. No one else. I keep going inside the Giants family for answers, whether that is for the GM search committee or the GM himself. This approach has failed. We can no longer do that. Loyalty is a cornerstone of this organization. Successive failure borne from loyalty means I am serving no ones’ best interests by remaining loyal. It is now obvious to me that I have lengthened this process considerably by staying within these walls. We must look beyond. Hence, I am obtaining the assistance of the NFL in setting up a GM search. To the organization, the Tisches, the fans, we must do better and I take full responsibility for a decade of mostly uncompetitive football.”

And then I woke up.

Who am I kidding? Do I really think Mara miraculously finds enlightenment and figures out that he is the ultimate source of this franchise’s dysfunction? We’re thinking logically here, that one need only look in the mirror to find the answer to having the worst record in the NFL since 2017. I give Mara’s odds of taking full responsibility + searching COMPLETELY outside the organization for a new GM about a 10% chance. If you believe that Gettleman, Barnes, Chris Mara, and even the dated Rolodex of Ernie Accorsi need to be sent into retirement/packing for the good of the franchise (which will be the net result when a GM from outside the organization clears out the deadwood), maybe sending a copy of this post to 1925 Giants Drive E Rutherford 07073 can shake that tree. But I wouldn’t waste your time. Mara knows better than the fans. Until these football addicts stop showing up at games and hurt him in the wallet (or keep embarrassing him like they did at the 2011 Super Bowl championship 10 yr anniversary celebration), he’s never going to figure it out. This morning we have a report that the Giants will try to stay within the Patriots system for Judge’s sake. NO! This is the same backward thinking. This organization desperately needs a fresh set of eyes, so why would you limit it to 2 trees (NYG + NE)? You need to look everywhere. The next GM needs to be completely detached from Judge to make an objective decision about the HC’s future. In fact, if I’m a GM candidate interviewing for the Giants job and they put ANY strings on the hire (ie protecting Judge, Chris Mara, or anyone else in the organization), I politely walk away. That’s a job set up for failure. This report, if true, would only confirm the level of dysfunction at 1925.

OBJ Bounced from Cleveland

When your team is 2-6, on its way to ~2-8 and ~6-11, regurgitating how the Giants found yet another way to lose on Monday night is not the way I like to spend my time. We fellow Giants fans deserve much more than the worst record in the NFL since 2017. So we blog to find ways to get better. More on that at the end of this post.

I tolerate Wide Receivers. Barely. I’d prefer that they be seen and not heard. Unfortunately, we hear too much from them off the field and see too little of them (thanking & congratulating their OL on touchdowns) while on it. We have documented how Round 1 WRs do not stick with the original team that drafted them… for one reason or another. This week we had not one but two “another’s.”

The carnage Henry Ruggs caused to a family, a dog, the Raiders, the NFL, and to himself is nauseating, sad and frankly disturbing.

The second WR to make off the field news this week was none other than Odell Beckham Jr. The Browns unceremoniously released him.

Round 1 Wide Receivers are the alpha males of alpha males. OBJ became a rock star overnight after making a sensational TD catch in primetime vs the Dallas Cowboys. His decline began after the infamous boat trip between the regular season and the first (and only) appearance in the playoffs of the Giants in the past decade (2012-2021). Buy low and sell high. The Wide Receivers sold high on that jet charter to Miami, failing to show up 6 days later on the field. The picture of them off the field became a meme.

Two seasons later, the NY Giants were in a full fledged bear market on OBJ. The epilogue was chronicled by this NY Giants blog. Whether you read it or not, it is worth a(nother) read. The circumstances of that exit are extremely relevant to what has happened in Cleveland.

Two and a half seasons after his Giants exit, a half life after five seasons in NY, OBJ has been sent packing again by the Browns. The inside story of what happened in Cleveland is not a shock. Wide Receivers are volatile.

It has to be acknowledged that 31 other teams wouldn’t trade a dime for OBJ. Let that sink in. Whether it’s (1) injuries or (2) not running the routes you’re supposed to run or (3) not making the effort to work the scramble drill or (4) causing enough heartache from 2 NFL franchises to force them both to walk away, OBJ is damaged goods.

I’m reminded of another Round 1 Wide Receiver from a generation ago, Keyshawn Johnson. Wayne Chrebet was the undrafted mutt. Keyshawn was the (self-described)“star.” It wasn’t until Bill Parcells took over that Johnson began delivering what mattered. Volatile alpha WRs need grounding. Odell Beckham needs a super strong head coach that can explain what’s needed: keep your mouth shut, run the routes you are expected to run, don’t give any lip to the QB/press, and if you have a problem come to me. Johnson got a ring in TB, only to be suspended and released the following season. It’s a reminder of how difficult it can be to manage the phenomenal talents of these players.

It’s somewhat remarkable to me that Giants fans still want OBJ back. For what? Right now they have an offensive coordinator who is inconsistent at best. More often than not Garrett is uncompetitive in a league that has advanced well past his skills. Judge’s ability to manage resources is a big question mark. Gettleman and the Giants said goodbye to OBJ 3 seasons ago. There is no Offensive Line for the QB to reasonably allow WRs to spread the field for a patient WR, let alone an impatient one like OBJ. So why are fans fantasizing about a reunion? Nostalgia for 2014? Football players play to help their team compete. The goal of competition is to be the best and to win titles. The only way OBJ is going to help any team is if he takes a back seat and becomes a soldier. Soldiers do as they are told and don’t ask questions. (OBJ apparently has been doing the exact opposite.) There may be an opportunity for him, but it’s certainly not in NY. Right now the Giants have one priority- a new GM from outside the organization who can objectively come in and make the changes necessary to put this franchise back on track. It is off the track. We saw that with another season of failure to help the Offensive Line meaningfully. If there’s been one thing we’ve always been right about, it’s that WRs are a dime a dozen, they’re always available, and you pick one up when you’re close to the prize. The biggest problem right now is that Mara has no clue how far away his franchise is from that prize. Unfortunately many fans pining for OBJ aren’t that far behind him.

Giants 27 Saints 21

We complain about all the misdeeds. Let’s celebrate a much-needed win.

Did you see that pocket that Daniel Jones had today? He could have sat back there and had a ham sandwich. It’s shocking what a difference a QB looks like when he gets protection. Shocking! Repeat after me: the game is won and lost at the line of scrimmage. Jones is slinging the ball all over the place. He only threw for 402 yards. I want you to remember that Shepard and Slayton, two of their starting WRs, are out with injuries. But that didn’t matter. Yes, Toney. We’ll get to him in a moment. What would you rather have- mediocre weapons and a good OL or a mediocre OL and good weapons? With a good QB, he just needs time. Eli Manning had a complete garbage OL and would have been able to pick apart Defenses with adequate time. Not only did the Saints get zero sacks, they barely pressured Jones at all. It did not matter that Jones didn’t have Shepard and Slayton. With fantastic protection, Ross, a rookie, your RB out of the backfield and Golladay vs Lattimore are more than enough.

On the bomb in Q2 to John Ross, you can’t throw deep without the time to take a 7 step drop. Jones had time. He wasn’t touched. Jones threw a good ball (not great, Ross had to slow down for it), Ross made a catch, but it’s not happening without great protection.

Jones threw from a clean pocket. This is something that hasn’t been consistently available to a Giants QB in nearly a decade. Today, Jones had a clean pocket for 4 quarters. And the Giants cashed in with a win.

Another shocking development occurred which aided the effort. It took nearly 4 full games, but Garrett lined up Barkley wide, in space (shocking), with a 54 yard TD.

Toney time. We call Toney Tyreek Hill-lite. He is a 21st Century WR. It’s almost embarrassing how it took 4 games, and an injury to both Slayton and Shepard, to get this guy involved in the offense. Rookie? Of course. But as we saw with Shockey in 2002, keep the decisions simple and let him make plays.

Cold water paragraph. Just a reminder not to get too excited. We still have an ignoramus playcalling to Engram wide on 2nd and goal at the 2 behind the line of scrimmage. Tight Ends are for throwing the ball ABOVE the line of scrimmage in the red zone. Aim. Point. Throw. Catch. Fall down. TD. Instead it’s a loss of 3 and the Giants are fortunate 4 pts didn’t cost them. Engram dropped another ball today on a separate play. I try to blot these moments out of my memory but they can’t be unseen.

I do not want to take anything away from this win. As we know, from the bleeders to Washington and Atlanta, a Win is a win and a Loss is a loss. What Sean Payton did at 9:00 left in Q4, up 21-10 with the ball, was a travesty. If that was my coach, I’d be ripping him a new one. That was disgraceful Prevent Offense to a tee. It let the Giants back in the game. The Giants took advantage and made the most of the opportunity. Payton played not to lose. He lost. Great for the Giants making him pay. The only thing the Prevent prevents you from doing is winning the game.

Whodda thunk that OL protection plus Barkley in space could translate into winning football? I’m glad this is just a hobby 😉

Since 2017, the Worst in the NFL

The gameplan for turning around the Giants is listed below. But first, let’s get some perspective on how bad it is…

Losing teams find ways to lose games. The 2021 NY Giants are 0-3 and they have lost 3 games in 3 different ways. They let Terry Bridgewater beat them on 4th down conversions. They let Taylor Heinicke beat them via a penalty on a FG. Today, injuries made an anemic offense worse. They couldn’t get it done in the red zone, and Giants defenders dropped 3 balls which would have been interceptions (one in the end zone that enabled ATL to subsequently tie the game).

The Giants own the worst record in the NFL since 2017, 18-49 (tied with the lowly Jets). With the next 7 games against NO DAL LAR CAR KC LVR TB, the Giants could have their 5th consecutive double digit losing season… locked up in the first 10 games.

We’ve never been buyers of what Gettleman has been selling. It’s always the wrong answer. The one time he did something right, he still tried to do it wrong. We didn’t like his priorities, and wanted him replaced after 2 seasons, but the loyal Giants let him mortgage the future to win now in 2021. They will likely be 2-8, 1-9, or 0-10 in 2021. The bills have come due. With interest.

The first 3 games of this season have seen some troubling decisions from Joe Judge. Today, we’ll look at one which was very disturbing. You’re down 7-6 in Q3, it’s 4th and 3 at the ATL 39 yd line. What do you do? For me, I would go for it on 4th down. That’s my first choice. It’s an easy decision. The second choice is Gano. He’s on fire. He can hit from anywhere, certainly from 56 yds. Judge? He chose door #3, opting to punt. Wrong answer. We’ve seen conservativism from him twice in two weeks of close losses. Are you playing to win or not to lose?

Engram fumbled again. He will not survive a new GM.

Jones fumbled again. He got a good bounce and recovered it this time. But we continue to vote thumbs down on Jones until he can protect the ball.

Here’s my gameplan.

1. Fire Gettleman.

2. Do not let Accorsi do the search. His Rolodex is as old and as tired as this decade of losing.

3. The outsider doing the GM search will hire a new outsider GM.

4. The new GM will be wise to urge Ronnie Barnes to retire and send Chris Mara and Kevin Abrams packing.

5. The new GM will probably keep Judge. If Judge is kept, Garrett must be replaced. Throw as much money as possible at Offensive Line coach to assure the development of proper technique, because…

6. In the 2022 draft, the new GM should take OL with every mother %^*#+£& draft pick. If the draft is “thin” at OL, take “only” half of them at OL, and overpay in free agency for a solid mother %^*#+£& Guard.

7. Trade Barkley for a bag of cheese doodles. Run the ball 70% of the time (in the Year 1 rebuild) with anyone you like while Jones protects the ball (or gets shown the bench). This will protect whoever your QB is from getting turned into David Carr. Yup, the next GM may jettison Jones just like they did in other rebuilds. My gameplan is good with or without Jones.

8. Take the cap pain in 2022 from Gettleman’s mortgage debt. It will be ugly, but this is your inheritance for being dead last in the NFL. As Jim Collins teaches- Confront the Brutal Facts.

9. Wonder: “Fire Gettleman again, just to make sure.”

Wonder: “Follow the blueprint of the Cardinals, the Bengals, or even the Jets, who at least have a future. Tear it down and start from scratch. The Giants don’t even have a future. It all started with drafting a RB (at 1.02). While you have to play in the cold weather in Dec/Jan, it’s not ‘Giants football’ anymore. That’s not how the NFL works. It’s a different league powered by Offense. If the Giants want to get back to winning, you need (QB,) Offensive Line and skill players like Tyreek Hill.”

Maybe Kadarius Toney can be Tyreek Hill-lite. It doesn’t matter when there’s no Offensive Line and no Offensive scheme.

70% of parents think their kids are above average. John Mara’s kid, the NY Giants, is at the bottom. We know from the great sage George Costanza- whatever you’re doing, if it isn’t working, do the opposite.