Training Camp 2018 Begins

Here’s a summary of the first day from camp:

1) Longtime blog follower Manny G was at the first practice. He commented about a few notables… Will Hernandez is too big, too strong and too fast for everyone to get around. While it’s way too early (they aren’t even in pads yet), Hernandez looks like a big thumbs up.

Eli Apple was active and good.

Saquon Barkley is the alpha. He catches everything. Apparently word is his quads can be seen from the Space Station.

2) reported that Connor Barwin made Wheeler look really bad on one move. Undressed. While Flowers looked aok (not going to believe that until I see it Week 1 vs Jacksonville), depth at OL becomes a huge issue. Beyond Jones, who is there? The Offensive Tackle position is a question mark on a good day. We need to watch this to see what the depth looks like.

3) OBJ was active. As expected by everyone (Dima?), there was no holdout. He looked fine and Shepard raved about him.

4) Engram is ready to explode. He only had 700 yds as a rookie. It’s hard to imagine how his yds will go up (significantly) when you add OBJ and Saquad into the mix… but between better scheme and his second year, he’s going to kill it.

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