Ronnie Barnes Part 2

Will someone please explain to us what happened to CB Sam Beal? I was chatting about this with UltimateNYG analyst Wonder, and he wanted to know what happened to his shoulder. Knowledgeable enough about medicine, he can distinguish between the relative seriousness of different injuries.. enough to know what the chances are for full recovery etc. (He wasn’t nicknamed Wonder for nothing.) So fans just want to know what’s going on. Instead we get (relatively) nothing.

We’ve seen this movie before. Back when Palmieri was the Strength & Conditioning Coach and the NY Giants were suffering injuries year after year, we got.. nothing. The media was useless. Why? Why wasn’t it investigated and analyzed more thoroughly? The best explanation we could come up with was that Ronnie Barnes smothered any attempts by writers to go near the subject. He runs “Medical Services” with an iron fist and has more power within the organization than arguably ANYONE. The owners? Apparently even they don’t ask too many questions either.

So we have to pick through tiny snippets to get any clue as to wtf happened. One report had Beal in an unlikely entanglement with another rookie earlier this week before camp officially began (rookies/QBs only). Shurmur said they were aware of shoulder “issues” before he was drafted. He said it wasn’t clear if Beal was done for the season. And that’s it.

You draft literally the first player to go off in the supplemental and, oh yah, we knew about his shoulder and we’ll see how it goes.

What we suspect is happening is that as soon as any follow up questions emerge, Shurmur (/Head Coach) is instructed to reply: “You’ll have to speak to Medical.” That means Ronnie Barnes … which effectively ends the conversation and flow of information.

Fans would like to know about depth at CB. How serious is the injury? Will he make a full recovery? Barnes and crickets.

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