Roster Moves Coming

The Giants announced their 53 man roster yesterday. There were some surprises and developing plots.

Surprise cuts included DT Michael Thomas, DT AJ Francis and LB Avery Moss. To be fair it’s pretty crowded on the DL, with Tomlinson, Harrison, Mauro (4 game suspension), Wynn and Hill (not to mention all those 3-4 LBers who are really linemen). Still it was noteworthy what Harrison said about Thomas after learning his training camp teammate was cut:

Not sure what more Robert Thomas could’ve done to make this team. Hands down best off-season of anyone on the team. Someone is going to get an absolute steal

I love Snacks’ passion, honesty and dedication. You can bet on his sincerity.

In terms of two unexpected players who made the 53-man roster (at least for the moment), they are S Sean Chandler and QB Alex Tanney. I would not be surprised to see both cut in the next couple of days as spots are needed when the Giants pick up players off waivers.

The QB situation is described as “fluid.” It is highly unlikely the Giants will stay with 4 QBs. Hence, Tanney should get cut as soon as the Gmen find a credible (backup) Offensive Tackle. Other acute needs for depth include Cornerback.

Twitter got interesting yesterday when it was suggested by NYDN writer Pat Leonard that the Giants had 4 QBs because Webb was being shopped. ESPN’s Jordan Raanan had a different take which we find more credible, namely that Webb did not see any snaps in the 4th preseason game vs NE precisely because his position was secure as Eli’s backup. Still some speculate that Webb is not a Gettleman/Shurmur guy hence the trade rumors are legitimate. I don’t buy it and am of the opinion that there is too much optionality in Webb’s upside at this stage. He looked fine in the second preseason game and needs to keep getting developed along with Lauletta. After all, isn’t that part of the benefit of playing a 37 yr veteran in Manning, that you have the time to develop these younger guys patiently??!! To throw that away is irresponsible.

We will update this post here as/if new roster moves take place.

One thought on “Roster Moves Coming

  1. The rumors were correct and they didn’t get anything for Webb. Wow.. And they claimed a league-high six players on waivers. That makes a big 0-fer for Reese’s 3rd round picks. Not a one left. I hope Eli has a great year (or two) left and Lauletta turns out to be the next great Giants QB. You just have to hope that Shurmur had a lot of input into this and he knows which quarterbacks he wants to develop. I hope this isn’t just because Webb was a Reese pick. Gettleman is officially out of the honeymoon phase….

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