Davis Webb Released

The NY Giants cut Davis Webb. The former Round 3 pick from last season was discarded in what many media members referred to as a “stunning” move. We were stunned and dismayed as well.

We understand that we are not the Giants coaching staff & front office. We are not privy to their thoughts, which I am sure are undoubtedly summed up in the pithy- “We decided to go in a different direction.” Nonetheless, we believe there were so many wrong things about this decision.

Just to recap newer readers to what this NY Giants blog said and when we said it, we identified Davis Webb as a Round 4-5 sleeper prospect with a tremendous arm who could be developed. This was noted BEFORE the 2017 draft, before he was subsequently taken in Round 3. While we thought the price was a little rich for the risk (lack of certainty in his future), we still understood the move and endorsed the selection based on the future need for a replacement for Manning.

Then in 2018, with the 2nd pick overall, we believed that it was correct to take a franchise QB or if none was there, to trade down.

We did not ever state that Webb was unequivocally the future of the franchise. We have been consistent in the view that there was a good fit here for the Giants to take the time to develop the Cal prospect while Eli Manning finished his career.

UltimateNYG NY Giants blog analyst Wonder: “There were two things wrong with this move to waive Webb. Number 1, since nothing (negative) took place between April and August, if you were not on board with Webb, then the move was even more clear to go for a quarterback with the 2nd overall peak.

“Number 2, it takes time to develop a quarterback, so why are you giving up this easily? I’m not comparing Webb to Aaron Rodgers in terms of ability and potential. But it took the Packers THREE YEARS to develop Rodgers. It is a lesser known fact that they had to redo his throwing mechanics after college. Bailing on Webb at this early juncture was a waste.”

It is worth pointing out that Webb has not even been in uniform for a single regular season game in his 1 year career. How much development is that?? He has not seen a real NFL game, let alone have the opportunity to learn and grow. Everyone acknowledged how much better he looked after the preseason Week 2 game vs Detroit. Wouldn’t Webb’s upside get more leverage with some live regular season mistakes to grow from in a natural progression to a starting role? There was so much that went unexplored.

Some point out that it was necessary to cut either Webb or Lauletta because there was not going to be enough practice time for both of them during the regular season. My answer to that is Shurmur is going to be responsible for both Lauletta’s and Webb’s outcome, because each guy needs 3 years to develop.

Another point was made- if Webb was good enough, why didn’t he get any interest in a trade before being released? Our answer is- at this juncture in September, roster spots are scarce. Also, he has zero (real) playing time in the NFL, so he is still a relatively unknown quantity that will need additional investment time. Some sarcastically note that he looks good in shorts. I’m still confounded at why Geno Smith was started when the Giants were mathematically eliminated. Maybe this franchise could have had a better look at Webb and given him some opportunity to get some real game experience. The learning curve accelerates when you get Live game conditions.

This whole situation was half-baked. It’s a waste. All I can think of right now is Shaun O’Hara on the NFL Network a year and a half ago asking why the Giants were not drafting an Offensive Lineman (instead of Webb) to protect Eli Manning. Yet another Reese Round 3 pick down the drain.

6 thoughts on “Davis Webb Released

    1. Given how the roster was gutted, it certainly feels that way to a degree. New sheriff in town. He wants his people. I respect that. It was confusing how Webb was behind Manning until NE, then didn’t play, then was cut. Maybe he was asked to make adjustments during preseason which he couldn’t do. We won’t know, at least for a while. Onward.


  1. As I understand it, Webb’s role as a free agent continues to date, when no trade is required to obtain his services. While I agree that Davis Webb got a raw deal from the previous regime, it would seem to me that after last year’s
    3-13 record, the new regime has every right, in fact, a profound duty, to make wholesale changes to the team to change the Giants’ direction.

    This includes choosing which quarterback to develop. Remember, their management jobs are now on the line.

    In terms of Webb’s “backup” role, that was Shurmur’s attempt to evaluate a QB who played zero snaps under the McAdoo regime. Webb had all summer to convince Shurmur that he was the clear choice over the other QBs. Evidently, Shurmur, who has a lot of credibility as a QB evaluator in the NFL, decided against keeping Davis Webb.

    But the beat goes on, and we will see what the ultimate destiny of Davis Webb becomes. Perhaps you are right. Perhaps the Giants should have continued with another year of Webb’s development. If so, Davis Webb will rise to the top and show everyone what a mistake Pat Shurmur made.

    So far, none of the other NFL teams have chosen him for their future, and the Giants continue to turn over the roster at many positions in addition to backup QB.

    Since Reese and McAdoo kept their draft choices, regardless of their lack of achievement, I am in favor of letting these guys take a shot at going in a different direction.

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  2. As I have mulled this over in the last couple of days, it is starting to make more sense. Davis Webb getting cut was a shock but after hearing Shurmur’s press conference yesterday and thinking about it, it makes sense that the Giants are wanting one veteran backup QB and one developmental QB. They have the veteran QB in Tanney (they could still swap him out for one of the other 30-some QBs that were released last weekend) and they had 2 developmental QBs in Webb and Lauletta. They weren’t going to cut Lauletta, so that meant Webb was the one to go. I can understand it, in terms of keeping one veteran and one developmental. It will be interesting to follow Webb’s career. I’ll be rooting for him. He got a whole off-season with Eli pretty much to himself. That had to be a great learning experience.

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