Wonder’s Season Preview for the 32 NFL Teams in 2018

Wonder handicaps the NFL in 2018. Some of the totals are too high and some are too low, but we did this to get a sense of where the teams were headed this season. I.e. a team with 2 wins will maybe win 4-5 games, but we think it will anchor at a low number. These totals don’t necessary add to 256. Some adjustments were made when later developments at the end of preseason pushed some numbers around.

NE 13-3. Unbeknownst to everyone, Brady sold his soul to the devil to be in the AFC East for life.
NYJ 6-10. Worthwhile growing pains for Sam Darnold, see you in 2019.
BUF 4-12. Nathan Peterman. Need I say more?!
MIA 2-14. No QB, no Defense, no WRs = no wins.

PIT 12? Everything dependent on LeVeon Bell. 10 wins without him.
BAL 8-8. Good defense, mediocre QB, no weapons = average.
CIN 6-10. Should hold a fundraiser to get rid of Marvin Lewis.
CLE 4-12. Anybody who thinks they are ready to compete for a playoff spot should be drug-tested.

JAX 11-5. If Aaron Rodgers was their QB, they would go 16-0.
HOU 10-6. As long as Watson, Hopkins and Watt are healthy, pencil them in for double digit wins. Every year.
TEN 9-7. Do you remember when Wonder said that Mariota would be a better pro than Winston?!
IND 3-13. What was once a promising Andrew Luck-led playoff team has become pathetic. No defense, no OL, no RBs.

LAC 10-6. Rivers will finally show a national audience just how good a career he has had. Stacked on Defense. Underrated Keenan Allen, good OL. The most well rounded team in the AFC.
KC 10-6. Offense, offense, offense. Will light up the scoreboard. Question is defensive secondary and LBers.
DEN 9-7. People will find out that Case Keenum is a pretty good QB. Can they run the ball? If Royce Freeman and the OL can gel, they can be a playoff contender.
LAR 6-10. Losing Khalil Mack cost them 2 games. Plus the locker room. Chucky has lost his mind.

PHI 11-5. Could be more wins depending on how fast Wentz gets back.
DAL 7-9. I cannot believe how quickly the best OL in football has become ok to average plus at best. Defense could be good.
NYG 6-10. An aging QB who might not be protected is not a recipe for success.
WAS 6-10. I feel bad for Alex Smith, who has become a pretty good QB. If you believe in curses, WAS’s history of injuries may be retribution for Daniel Snyder.

GB 10-6. How many games would Aaron Rodgers win if he ever had any defense or running game?
MIN 10-6. Very solid team. Just not as great a Defense as everybody thinks. Top 10 D, but overrated.
DET 7-9. Pretty good team, but Stafford needs some kind of a running game, which is not there.
CHI 6-10. Picked up 2 games after Mack. He may push them to 7 or 8 wins due to great locker room morale. Trubisky is still Trubisky (not sold, oh god no).

NO 13-3. As long as they make it through first 4 games, this team is loaded. Michael Thomas is the most underrated WR in the NFL.
ATL 11-5. Can the Falcons maximize their Offensive potential and play better on Defense? If so, can be a contender.
CAR 9-7. Can Cam Newton be Cam Newton again? McCaffrey will be a beast this year.
TB 2-14. Forget the 3 game suspension, if they don’t get rid of Winston soon, the entire franchise is in trouble.

LAR 13-3. The best team in the NFC, will pound opponents into oblivion. Goff takes the next step. If all personalities work together, you are looking at the Super Bowl champions.
SF 8-8. Luck will determine if they win 6 or 9 games. Everyone is overrating this team. Reuben Foster? Thin team. OL, LB & Secondary are mediocre.
SEA 7-9. Oh how they mighty have fallen. No Earl Thomas = big locker room headache. No OL either. This might be the year Russell Wilson applies for disability.
AZ 6-10. Headed down before they go back up. Need to rebuild behind Josh Rosen.

More Wonder on the Giants: If the right side of the line can emerge and make the OL run block and give Eli time, the Giants can compete for a wild card spot. But that is a real big IF. Also assumes Vernon is healthy and productive. A high ankle sprain injury has a wide range of outcomes. Some have torn ligaments, some don’t. Not sure what he has.


3 thoughts on “Wonder’s Season Preview for the 32 NFL Teams in 2018

    1. Thanks Joe. Wonder will be wrong on a decent number of these predictions but he’ll update his views as the season unfolds. It’s a place to start. He’s on the record. Thanks everyone for their comments, keep doing so to rebuild the community. Go Gmen. Scheme away weakness in right side of the line and let’s see a good year!


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