CAR 33 NYG 31

I don’t have it in me to recap this game. It’s too f***ing painful. This game had everything. Classic Good Bad Ugly. But losing on a 63 yd FG? I’m just sick.

It’s 30 mins later. I’m off suicide watch, as I’m too busy vomiting. The Giants and I need an IV. Maybe I’ll post some more comments later but it’s like revisiting a nightmare. We’re Giants fans, not masochists. This was as tough a loss to take as anything in a few years. They fought back but … too many mistakes and bad officiating. So a 63 yard piece of luck. Special teams. Nauseous. 1-4. Vomit. Help.

6 thoughts on “CAR 33 NYG 31

  1. Two years in a row our season ends on what would have been an NFL record kick for 75 years. Robbed by the refs, special teams coach is the same moron as the past few years and still no running game.

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  2. The refs and the new rules are ruining game. Carolina would have punted instead of scoring their last touchdown if the refs didn’t gift the Panthers with a penalty against the Giants, after what should have been a clutch 3rd down stop. Very frustrating!

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  3. At least they were playing with obvious urgency, desperation even. This season may be lost, but if the Giants are a contender next season, we will look back at this game as the turning point.

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    1. There were players who were pretty upbeat following the loss. The fact that they battled back is important. Solder: “It doesn’t make it easy to swallow a loss, however, we bonded as a team today. A bond only achieved under fire. I’m thankful for them, and I could not be more proud to be a Giant.” So hopefully that attitude helps them support each other with fewer mistakes and 4 quarters of effort.


  4. How many times have we seen the Giants lose in some agonizing way like this, with the opposing team setting some team and/or league record against the Giants? Or the team having their best game of the season against the Giants? I don’t want to think about this anymore….. but we can’t help it…

    What I want to see is how they come out and play against Philadelphia on a short turnaround on Thursday. This will tell us a lot. It could either give this team a needed jolt with a win, or stick a dagger in the team. Huge game.

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