PHL 34 Barkley 13

The NY Giants are just a really poor football team. The OL is a sieve. Eli is aging rapidly. In this week’s installment without a Tight End, the Offense continued its ineptitude. The Giants racked up 15 consecutive failed 3rd down conversion attempts. That streak came to a merciful end when OBJ broke a tackle before the sticks. Not so uncoincidentally, a play later Barkley rumbled for a 50 yd TD. But it was too little too late.

The Giants keep finding new ways to dig deeper holes each week. They are 1-5. In those 5 losses, here are the halftime scores:

JAC 13 NYG 6

DAL 10 NYG 0

NO 12 NYG 7

CAR 20 NYG 13

PHL 24 NYG 6

The fiasco got off to a flying start with a turnover INT. Eli throws to a 3rd string TE who is just ill-equipped. The ball deflects and is picked, leading to a quick TD.

Solder gets beaten like a drum on a speed rush, and Eli is sacked (/fumble) at his 1 yd line. Great field position after poor punt coverage leads to another TD. A nice 14-3 hole blew up the game before it even started.

The defense got eaten alive. While the pass rush was augmented by Vernon’s return from injury, there were way too many stops that couldn’t be made. The Giants have a liability vs TEs and Ertz didn’t disappoint, collecting 7 receptions and a TD. The Eagles converted 9 third downs.

Saquon Barkley is a freak. He had that 50 yd TD run. He had a 55 yd monster screen catch and run that had Joe Buck gushing “incredibles.” His greatest play may have been the best 9 yd run I have ever seen. Ever. In my life. Barkley put up 229 yards from scrimmage. He was responsible for all 13 points scored.

But SB can’t block for himself, he can’t throw the ball, he can’t play Defense and he can’t stop the Specials transgressions. The architecture is all wrong in 2018. Too many skill players and not enough supporting players on both sides of the ball.

The Giants are 1-5. They were 1-5 last year. It’s a different ugliness. Eli’s days are over. The OL is just another nightmare. OBJ is back to his old childish self, frustrated and acting out on the sidelines. Not a good look. The season is over. Let’s get some starts for Lauletta. Rebuild.

4 thoughts on “PHL 34 Barkley 13

  1. I’m not sure I can give up on a Super Bowl quarterback that easily. He knows how to survive, and if the appropriate priority is given to the OL, with the weapons they have, they could contend. The question is whether that is a pipe dream or not. I’m not quite ready for Lauletta.

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    1. I’ve been a steady supporter of Eli for many years. I don’t come to the conclusion that it’s time to start someone else that easily. At 1-5, combined w poor decisions and an offense that is not getting it done, I’m comfortable giving Lauletta a closer look. Is the OL a big part of the problem? Of course. But Eli is not making it any better. I’m losing w Eli, so I can lose w Lauletta. Maybe his youth will inject some energy into the unit.


  2. Barkley looks like he was created by Boston Dynamics. (Google it.) Prediction re Eli: Feeling pressured to throw long balls, he will remain in imploding pockets longer than he prefers, and finally suffer a genuine injury. Lauletta will replace him, stink; we’re back to square one.

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