ATL 23 NYG 6

Yah yah. 23-20 was the final. But once again the NY STINKING PUKING PUNTING GIANTS get 14 points in garbage time to look competitive when they are not. The Giants are 1-6. They are not worth our time. They are a franchise that is so backward right now that all of the comparisons to the 1970’s are appropriate.

Eli needs to be benched.

Shurmur? Gone.

Offensive Line. Carpet bomb it and draft OL every single pick.

QB? Lauletta suit up.

I will not waste all my time recapping the myriad mistakes made all game long. Get on Twitter and read the tweets. There was a minimum of 14 points left on the field (which we delineated). I will take the time to discuss one glaring example of incompetence- the end of the first half’s amateur clock management. That little slice cost the team 3 of those 14 points. SCENE: The Giants have just gotten a 38 yd pass play to the ATL 13. They have all 3 timeouts. There is ~1:35 on the clock. What do you do? If you are Bill Belichick you huddle up and take all 35 secs off the clock. With 3 timeouts, your job is to bleed the clock so that ATL never sees the ball before the half is over. But Shurmur and Eli are amateurs and they are rushing to get up to the line. Hurrying. Hurrying. Whew! They snap the ball at 1:27 left in the half. What a relief! I was worried the Giants wouldn’t see another snap! Oh. My. God. This team is so utterly dysfunctional that they have two timeouts in their pocket after wasting one AND GIVE ATL THE BALL BACK WITH 0:50 LEFT.

You amateurs. Incompetents. Fools. You may as well have Joe Pisarcik hand the ball off to Csonka and give them 3 points (Lol Brady, Brees, Mahomes or Goff would make it 7 points).

Fire Shurmur. Now. I don’t care. He’s a loser. Your team scores 6 points vs the 29th ranked NFL Defense. And you can’t figure out even remotely what to do with a minute and half left in the half? I give up.

The Giants have made too many bad decisions at every level in the organization. Solder. Omameh. Stewart. Shurmur. Eli. And that’s just this year. The architecture with OBJ heading the franchise is upside down. He’s a star in the wrong place at the wrong time. As we see with guys like Dez Bryant, Josh Gordon and Amari Cooper, WRs are always available. But OLs have to be built. It will take years to undo Reese’s damage, and Gettleman rushes to fix it all as fast as the Giants rush to get their next play off at 1:27 left in the half. A metaphor for organizational impatience. This is the 1970’s. It’s that bad.

6 thoughts on “ATL 23 NYG 6

  1. This is disappointing. Bad write up. This is not why I come here to read this stuff. Where is the dispassionate objectively commentary you claim to price yourself on? I could read enraged hot takes like this in any trash comment section of any article. Look, we’re all frustrated. But maybe next time take some time to cool off before spewing this type of tripe.


    1. It’s not objective that they left 14 pts on the field, got 14 pts in garbage time, and displayed utter incompetence at the end of the first half with horrible clock management? Yah, I’ve got anger. Fans of this franchise are getting 1970’s football. It’s underachievement. It’s 6 pts vs the 29th ranked Defense. I don’t know how to be more objective than that. I suppose I could go back through all the tweets and retweets, documenting the mistakes of Solder, Eli et al. It’s 19 losses in the last 23 games. We’ve been objectively dissecting the recaps for years now and it just doesn’t seem to matter. I want a head coach that has a clue what to do with 1:27 left and 3 timeouts. Anger? Objectivity? It gets late early around here. Good night all.


  2. Along with OBJ and Shepherd, there was one other big offensive plus. I had been anxiously awaiting the insertion of Spencer Pulley into the starting line-up. I watched him on almost every play: Running or passing, he was outstanding. Still young, he and Hernandez are the foundation of the resurgence of the Giants OL. Meanwhile, how many more years will be saddled with Solder? From “Solder has allowed five sacks and entered the game with a 66 percent pass block win rate, which is the second-lowest total among starting offensive tackles, according to ESPN. The only one worse is Giants right tackle Chad Wheeler, a second-year undrafted early-season replacement for Flowers.”

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  3. I understand your utter frustration Andy. I only watched one half of the game last night, which is rare for me on a prime time game. And is it my imagination or do the Giants save these really bad stinkers for prime time when the whole football community is watching? It sure seems that way.

    I don’t know what to say. This seriously seems to be getting down to the level of the late 60s/early 70s of my youth. In a period when the game is set up for high scoring and most teams are scoring 30 points without breathing heavy, the Giants struggle to score 10 points. It is beyond belief. How can a team with Barkley, Beckham, Shepherd and Beckham be unable to score? Part of it is Eli for sure. But it seems to be an organizational dysfunction. This team has forgot how to win. I can’t imagine how these players come in and face another week of this.

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