WAS 20 NYG 6

At least the NY Giants are very good at one thing. They can score efficiently when the game is officially out of reach in garbage time. That’s what has happened in 4 of the 7 losses, which means a bad team is really uncompetitive.  This week, the Giants were down 20-6 and scored 7 points in garbage time. They have done similarly vs the Cowboys, Saints and Falcons.

The NY Giants Garbage Time Scoring Tracker:
DAL 10 points 108 yards
NO 7 points 106 yards
ATL 14 points 150 yards
WAS 7 points 70 yards
TOTAL 38 points 434 yards

So the Giants have scored 150 points, yet 38 of them are at the end of games which do not affect the outcome (in the slightest). That is 112 points in 8 games, and that is 14 points average per game. In today’s NFL, 14 points per game is horrible.

Charles Davis remarked how the Redskins collected a “gritty win.” Huh? Come again? The Giants scored exactly 6 points all game and the sloppy Redskins let them stick around, coughing up the ball in the red zone for a 40 yard (Collins strip) fumble scoop by Olivier Vernon. Yes, the Gmen Defense played well enough to win, and nearly scored 6 points on their own. It’s the 1970’s all over again. For those of you young enough and lucky enough to have missed the 1970’s, this is what it looks like. Garbage football where the Defense gets worn down and gives up a late score. Offensive Ineptitude. Losing seasons and contemplations of high Draft picks in November.

The Offensive Line is so bad. Eli is erratic and untrustworthy. Engram is playing hurt and mostly invisible. How ironic that he scores the only (meaningless) TD at game’s end.  Eli was sacked 7 times. It is a war zone out there.

The Giants go into the bye and then play the SF 49ers on Monday night. At least our eyes are saved for 15 days from this regurgitated vomit. Medusa’s head is looking mighty pretty right now.

There are 32 teams in the NFL. Four of them play competent football each week. Those teams are the Chiefs, the Patriots, the Rams and the Saints. The other 28 teams are various levels of garbage. The Redskins today were an anemic pathetic garbage football team. They are 5-2. It shows you just how bad the NFL is. A 5-2 team was busy playing with its food the way an adult Male Lion plays with an injured hyena cub. The Skins were called for numerous penalties, failing to execute on both sides of the ball. Adrian Peterson coughed up the ball in the red zone. Alex Smith couldn’t throw a long (play action) pass in the same zip code as an open receiver.  To counter, some will quickly reply that hey, the Skins were good because they were the team that registered those sacks! But this Defense has generated 14 sacks in their first 6 games. They played the Giants Offensive Line is all.

The Redskins got a 64 yd TD by Peterson to seal the victory. The Giants once again were selling out to stop the team and got burned late. Without that late play, the Redskins generated 296 yards of Offense.

Evan Engram is playing hurt, but he is arguably the most disappointing player on the team. That is based on skill and potential. We had high hopes for the second year Round 1 pick. He has vanished. Maybe he can heal up over the bye.

Wynn, Collins, Vernon, Carter… those guys play football. On Offense? Not so much. Engram drops. Eli missed opportunities, including a pick in the red zone. Barkley has no run blocking. OBJ racked up 136 yards but it shows how you can’t build a team around a WR.

The Giants have holes in most places, but they need to start at the OL and QB. This is going to be a rebuild. So REBUILD. I’d rather lose with young players than go 1-7 with expensive ones like Nate Solder and Patrick Omameh.


5 thoughts on “WAS 20 NYG 6

  1. The Giants are playing exactly how they should — a few spectacular plays combined with some adequate defense — in order to keep us watching while they ensure enough losses to nail down a high draft pick.

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  2. I watched the Saints/Viking game last night. After watching that game and watching the Rams, etc, it makes you realize how bad this Giants offense really is. It looks like it is a couple decades behind. And that is WITH exciting players like Beckham and Barkley. I think it is going to take a lot of time for the Giants to get out of this hole they have dug for themselves. Saying that, it is hard to tell what the Giants might be able to do if they had some semblance of a decent offensive line. Until they fix that to at least the level of average, this team is going nowhere. If they decide to bring Lauletta up and let him start some games, I’m not sure how much we will learn, with this offensive line as bad as it is.

    Even as bad as Reese mucked this team up, it is still hard to believe they are as bad as they are. What a mess. Still a fan of the team and always will be, but wow…..


  3. Curious, though, that Pro Football Focus rated Willie Hernandez as the best (or maybe it was second-best) left guard in the entire league for the first half of the season. As I have mentioned, he and Spencer Pulley are a good foundation.

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    1. Hernandez is good and improving. I’m reminded of one pass play vs WAS in ~Q3, all 4 OL have been crushed into Eli and Will Hernandez is still at the original LOS blocking his assignment. It was so stark.


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