PHL 25 NYG 22

Games like these are misery. It is no secret that the team I dislike the most in the NFL is the Philadelphia Eagles. So when the team we root for is up 19-3 in the 2nd Quarter, we expect to win. Yet these are the Eagles, who seemingly own the Giants of late. We have not cashed our ticket because we understand the realities of who this Giants team is. Unfortunately those brutal facts reared their ugly head again.

I am not bothered that Jamon Brown, whom Wonder classified as “just a guy,” was undressed Sunday afternoon … because he is just a guy. He is a stop gap for Gettleman, just a guy to get us to the Draft so that we can get some people on the Offensive Line with the potential to run block and pass protect more consistently. At least I do not have to look at Omameh getting blown up or missing a stunt.

I will tell you what I am bothered by. His name is Pat Shurmur. We took off the gloves many weeks ago, ripping this guy on Twitter and on this blog. Remember the end of the first half vs Atlanta? We argued that he was not deserving of a honeymoon because he already had two years of coaching experience in Cleveland. We were warned by a Cleveland fan that he was a loser, and 11 games into his stint with the Giants, I am in agreement.

When a team racks up 346 yards in the first half and comes up empty (66 yards) in the second half, SOMETHING IS WRONG. One team made adjustments, while the other did not.

Saquon Barkley touched the ball 5 times (4 carries) in the second half. That is wrong.

Once Barkley is keyed upon, keep him in there for liberal play action. Fwiw, Drew Brees uses play action practically every snap he is not running, so given that Barkley was carving them up in the first half, use the tool. Not done. That is wrong.

The Eagles started 3 Cornerbacks, 2 of which never started a single game. CB Jalen Mills out. CB Avonte Maddux out. CB Sidney Jones out. (CB Ronald Darby and S Rodney McLeod are already on IR too, just saying.) Are you telling me that the Giants could be stopped by a replacement team? “Knowing they were struggling (with injuries) in the secondary, personally I would’ve loved to attack them. But that wasn’t in our gameplan,” said Odell Beckham Jr. after the game. That is wrong.

The Eagles could not blitz because they needed extra bodies in the secondary to help the neophyte CBs. The Giants could not exploit that. Wrong. 

At the end of the 1st half, Eli throws an INT in the end zone, throwing away at least 3 points. Fwiw, Pat Shurmur took the blame. If the shoe fits. Another wrong.

The timeout called in the 3rd Quarter on 3rd and 18.  Wait. I have the wrong play in. I may not make this conversion??????!!!!!! Who the F do you think you are? 3rd and 18???????? HELLLLLLPPPPPP!! This is completely brain dead. Spielman calls this for what it is, braindead, and of course they check it down anyway and the timeout is gone. Do you think maybe that those 35 seconds (with the additional timeout) could have been used at 0:55 instead of the 0:20 with the game over? Yet another wrong.

Odell Beckham had a cramp, needed an IV, missed a drive in Q3. Huh? He gets paid $95M to not drink enough water?

Engram injured his hamstring in warmups and did not play. What a trainwreck year.

The Giants are 3-8. If it is one thing I cannot stomach it is underachievement. Shurmur does not instill any confidence as an in-game manager. Pederson would have won with either team. It is not impossible for Shurmur to improve. Give up playcalling duties for starters so that you can have a better chance at managing the game. Maybe you won’t waste timeouts and will be able to make the adjustments that the team needs to be competitive.

3 thoughts on “PHL 25 NYG 22

  1. They had a chance to at least make this season relevant and they blew. Seems like the Giants always lose to the Eagles in this way recently. Until the Giants get past this weird losing streak to the Eagles the Giants are going to keep spinning their wheel in futility.

    Your last point is what I have been thinking about. Is Shurmur anywhere near seeing that he would be better off letting someone else call the plays? We saw what a disaster that was with McA-don’t. I gave Shurmur the benefit of the doubt but it is the same essential problem with him. Not that I am thrilled to be having Mike Shula calling the plays but at this point better than Shurmur.

    with awful first half, my hope has been to see a steady improvement in this team going through December. Even if they are not winning I would at least like to see a team that is managed well and on the upswing as the season ends. if that doesn’t happen, I don’t have much hope that this franchise is going to be better anytime soon. And THAT is depressing.


  2. All your wrongs are right. Michael Bennett ate Jamon Brown alive. Let’s take consolation that the Giants are doing what they are supposed to be: being competitive while managing to lose and position themselves high in the draft. Of course, they are breaking our hearts in the process. Almost as bad as the Dec. 19, 2010 game, sometimes known as the New Miracle at the Meadowlands.

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    1. The losses do allow for the Giants to be higher in the draft but I worry that losing is becoming second nature to the Giants, rather than expecting to win. Getting a high draft pick won’t matter if the Giants become a losing-mentality franchise. I don’t want the Giants to become another Cleveland or Jets or current Raiders, routinely drafting high. This is reminding more and more of the 70s Giants and that ain’t good….

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