NYG 30 CHI 27 OT

How does a 3-8 team beat an 8-3 team?

1) Play against a team who has Chase Daniel as its backup.

2) Daniel starts.

3) Daniel throws a pick 6 to Ogletree.

4) Daniel underthrows a wide open TD and instead provides a pick INT #2 to Ogletree.

5) Have Barkley the magician manufacture 22 yards at the end of H1 on 3rd & 23 leading to ….

6) Rosas knocks down a 57 yarder.

7) Use OBJ on a flea flicker to throw a 50 yd TD to an uncovered Russell Shepard.

8) Fail three times at goal line and have OBJ get lost in the wash on a 4th down TD across the entire Defensive unit.

9) Despite Shurmur being a moron and not running the ball on 3rd & 8 at the CHI 30, and despite Eli being a moron/rookie and taking a 9 yd sack preventing a FG winning the game, the Bears cough up the ball at their 13 yd line on the next possession so that the Giants hold on with the sealed score. Oh wait. Give up 10 pts via an onside kick.

10) Play against Chase Daniel (again, for effect).

11) Have Daniel fumble a snap.

12) Have Daniel fumble a snap (this time not for effect, happened twice in OT).

Smoke and mirrors does not do this win justice. A non-garbage QB guides the Bears to an easy victory. The Giants outplayed the Bears when it counted and deserved the W. Do not misunderstand the message- this was a nice win. If the Giants would have found a way to lose it would have be an epic implosion. Thank goodness they hung on.

4-8. Rebuild.

5 thoughts on “NYG 30 CHI 27 OT

    1. It’s ok to be a loyal supporter and want to move on from an aging 37 year old who is no longer able to hold up his end of the deal.


  1. A win is a win. When a team is crippled, you have to take advantage. Although, i would have preferred a close loss — better draft positioning.

    That being said, the offense played much better, particularly the run game, against the #1 defense in the league. For the first time in years, we appear to remember that the tight end is allowed to catch the ball, not just block. Saquon is amazing. The defense is still spotty. Riley needs to go. He’s the reincarnation of C.C. Brown. I love that younger players (Tomlinson, Hernandez, Hill, Haley, Chandler, Carter) are getting reps. It’s a long road, but it feels like they’ve got a realistic direction (finally), instead of trying to slap a few expensive parts on a deteriorating machine.

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  2. Liked the toughness, especially Webb and Jenkins. Barkley’s never-say-die approach to running, especially on the 22-yarder that set up Rosas’s field goal at the end of the first half, would make peak Marshawn Lynch proud. Re Eli’s struggles: Remember Bears are one of top two defenses in the league. He ultimately prevailed, even completing passes in collapsed pockets and rolling out.

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