It’s a QB-driven League

In 2013, when the Giants were garbage, we tried to cut through the noise, explain that a 4-6 team was rotting and that their last 4 wins after an 0-6 start were not real. In a QB-driven league, the Giants had just faced 4 Schtick dreck QBs:

1) Josh Freeman, who wasn’t on the roster a week before playing

2) Matt Barkley, the backup to backups

3) Terrelle Pryor, who was not only playing with a sprained MCL, he also left the position to play WR

4) Scott Tolzien, another backup to backups

Was it a complete surprise that the Giants won these 4 games, and then proceeded to go 7-9 en route to more woes while their GM was in denial? The next season started 3-9. Hmmm what a pattern.

2013 started 0-6

2014 started 3-9

2015 finished 1-6

2017 started 1-8

2018 started 1-7

So let’s talk about this latest “turnaround” where this team has won 3 of the last 4. It’s another mirage. Is it good to learn how to win games? Yes, but let’s not fool ourselves.

The Giants beat a backup QB, the 2-7 Niners with Mullens in his 2nd career start.

The Giants beat 3-6 TB, where turnover machine QB Ryan Fitzpatrick had to be benched.

The Giants lost to Carson Wentz, whose team is practically in intensive care, suiting up CBs with zero playing time.

And the finale of the 4 game exhibition… where the Giants faced backup Chase Daniel, whose epic demonstration of incompetence made us ask aloud on Twitter how much he was paid to throw the game.

In this stretch of 4 games, the Giants at least were able to blitzkrieg the opponents, right? Uh, no. Win on last possession by 4, win by 3, blow a 16 pt lead, and win by 3.

So now the Giants play against Colt McCoy in the next game. Pardon me for assigning another asterisk. (UPDATE: Double asterisk, another backup’s backup… McCoy hurt in Q2 Monday night, Giants to face Mark Sanchez if injury prevents him from playing next weekend. UPDATE2: Fractured Fibula. Sanchez doesn’t know the playbook and he faces the Giants next.)

You are your record. 4-8. Sure, they could have won a couple more games. And they could have also gotten throttled by Garoppolo and Trubisky.

It’s a QB-driven league. You beat bad QBs like the Tolziens and Daniels. You lose to good ones. Eli Manning is done. The OL needs to be rebuilt. The Defense has many needs.

We all love our team, the NY Giants. Let’s celebrate beating an 8-3 team any way we can. But let’s also be honest and objective about its many problems. If we don’t do that, we go right back to 2013, where the denial began.


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