TEN 17 NYG 0

One very close and dear friend of many years emailed me last Monday after reading my post, and implored.. “Can’t you just enjoy an a** kicking of a division foe?” Well, of course we ALL enjoyed beating the Skins. But when you face Mark Sanchez, a 3rd string QB who was signed a few weeks back, what is really going on here? My job is to make sure that anyone reading this blog doesn’t get confused about what is happening to the Giants. Others were analyzing playoff chances and celebrating a turnaround. Not here. Not buying it.

After playing against Mullens, Fitzpatrick, Daniel, and Sanchez, the NY Giants came back to planet Earth today vs a normal QB. Marcus Mariota was a caretaker today. He didn’t need to be anything more. He wasn’t a rookie making errors like Mullens. He wasn’t a turnover machine like Fitzpatrick. And he certainly wasn’t a disastrous sack machine like vs Daniel (5) and Sanchez (5).

Caretaker Mariota let the rest of his team oblige. The Titans ran the ball. Mariota didn’t beat his own team with turnovers (zero) or too many sacks (only 1). The Titans controlled both Lines of Scrimmage. They stuffed the Giants Offense and limited Barkley. The Giants couldn’t make tackles and their WRs dropped too many balls.

Shurmur? Please read Saturday’s post and get Barkley outside? How many times did he have planned runs outside the Tackles today? Predictable.

Shurmur? Burning your challenges at the beginning of the game? We know what you saw. And we know why the second challenge failed. The problem is that there are literally 43 minutes left in the game that you now play without the ability to challenge. Is it really a killer that the Titans are at the 46 instead of the 37 with a first down either way?? This guy’s in-game decisions are dubious at best. Please give up playcalling and start concentrating on the game. Delegate. And manage.

Let’s be fair. Without Collins, Harrison, and OBJ, that’s asking for a lot from everyone else. What that means is that your QB has to do a good job. Eli Manning was just awful today. He made TWO horrible mistakes that killed the team.

Mistake 1. Driving down the field in a very tight 7-0 football game, it is 3rd & 20 at the Tennessee 29 yd line. Playing conditions are challenging with wind and rain. The clear play is underneath to get on the board and make it 7-3. Eli makes two rookie mistakes by not acknowledging down & distance PLUS he telegraphs in the worst moment to telegraph. Safety Kevin Byard is playing Centerfield and delivers the textbook interception. 15 years of experience and you can’t look the Safety off? I reviewed the play on my DVR during the change of possession. Eli’s neck was telescoped and frozen on the right side for a 20 yard throw. Disaster.

Mistake 2. Fumble not protecting the ball at your own 13 yd line on the following drive. Henry runs it in for a TD, 14-0. Game essentially over. NYG Underground is calling this PTSD Eli. If the shoe fits.

When we call for moving on at QB just remember these two series. No, it’s not Eli’s fault that a Jamon Brown penalty is making it 3rd & super long. But you are a veteran. Recognize the hand you’re dealt and take care of the ball.

Eli’s time has passed. If you bring him back in 2019, it better be at a significant paycut and to groom the next rookie R1 draft pick (preferably Haskins).

Back to Giants reality. 5-9. Always objective. When you want inflated hype let me know.

8 thoughts on “TEN 17 NYG 0

  1. Only thing good i saw was Fowler and Mauro… I have been suggesting hurry up / shotgun for Eli for some time now. It is clear to me he plays better with a sense of urgency if the play calling is faster and time limited, what do you think?

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    1. The hurry-up gives the Offense a little more rhythm and flow. Eli seems to do better when he plays w urgency. I prefer Eli under Center because it helps Barkley/run game/play action. The overarching theme always goes back to balance… meaning as soon as you are predictable you are dead. So as long as whatever you are doing is unpredictable I’m good with it.


  2. All points are well taken. I just want to make a point that has been bothering me for weeks now. I am hoping that Curtis Riley is not on this team next year. Do not know what the Giants see in this guy. All I ever see is him getting beat in coverage and more deplorable is he never tackles anybody. Eli’s time certainly has passed. I would rather sign a veteran QB like Foles or Bridgewater while grooming the heir apparent. I think Dwayne Haskins will be there and is a stronger pick than Herbert ( even if he declares ) Haskins is 6’3” with a strong arm and a 70% completion rate, has thrown 42 TD’s with only 7 interceptions.

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  3. I want Shurmur to build the Giants to win games like yesterday’s game – cold, wet, December game, when you have to control both sides of the line. Until the Giants become solid on both sides of the line, they will continue to suffer through 6-10, 7-9, maybe 8-8 seasons. I hate seeing the Giants get pushed around in their own stadium.

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  4. The Ringer article that you cited should certainly be the last word on the subject of whether Barkley or a QB should have been drafted: “We can no longer question whether Barkley was worth a top-two pick. He was. The question is whether being picked by the Giants will ultimately be worth it for Barkley.”

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