Final Post of 2018

With the Giants officially eliminated, coincidence or not, I’ve decided to make this the final post of the season.

I don’t know if I will continue blogging. While I’m leaving the door open, it’s more likely than not that I won’t be returning next season to blog.

It’s been a good 12 years. I’ve learned a lot and I hope the content that my fellow contributors & I put forth helped everyone to celebrate the good seasons and understand the bad ones a little better.

The best part about the blog/Twitter has been the community of Giants fans. We care enough about each other that it makes getting through the (9 games of) losing a little easier. Maybe that’s just this streak of years… are we getting used to losing? Nah. To be fair, blogging during a stretch of 5 out of 6 years in which the team has had losing seasons has grown tiresome. We had a lot to complain about. It was frankly justified criticism… unfortunately. We never took joy in the errors. It was therapy to point out obvious mistakes. The Emperor had no clothes. By suffering a little bit together, we didn’t lose our minds. We weren’t alone in our disappointment!

The NFL has zapped our resolve. We’ve chronicled those missteps too… too many times. We would prefer to be positive. We love football. We want it to be a great sport. The one constant is always change. Change should mean improvement. I can objectively say that officiating is marginalizing play. The quest for money/growth is marginalizing play as well. The fan, as customer, will assuredly reign supreme. I’m frankly not sure if the NFL even understands that concept.

If this turns out to be our last post, I want to thank our contributors, past and present. Glenn, Paul, and Pete were with us earlier in the decade. Steve, aka Wonder has been with us from almost the beginning. Sounding board. Football savant. Passionate lover of sports. Jets fan. “Jints” fan. Talent evaluator. Not just a guy. Thanks everyone for enriching these posts.

Over the past few years we’ve posted less. When you start seasons 0-5 and 1-7, you’re not less of a fan. But you are not a masochist either. Loyalty remains. We naturally got tired of over-analyzing new pathways toward underachievement. Maybe by rebuilding the Giants will turn the corner. I’ll be on Twitter “micro blogging.” The ideas for blog posts come from there anyway. When Dickerson has 13 fumbles his rookie season and Barkley has none, who was first with that?!

Let’s get the Giants a 5th Super Bowl title. It won’t be in 2018, but I’ll still be rooting hard for them. It’s in my blood. It’s in yours too. Go Giants.

11 thoughts on “Final Post of 2018

  1. I have been following this blog since the beginning and never missed a post. In fact I can’t even recall how many times I’ve come to your website looking for new content only to start re-reading the last post. You were a joy to read in the good and bad. Most memorable was the Bradshaw posts back in the day for some reason (maybe because those were better times) In fact I think your posts during the underachievement help me through the rough patches. It is easier to watch your team fail when you know why it’s failing. If you do call it quits I would understand as you run out of things to write when it’s the same old garbage to write about. I rarely post on your content but figured you had done enough that I could put a few minutes aside to say thanks.
    You have taught me a plethora of things about football that I didn’t even know I didn’t know. I have a greater knowledge of the games, the organization, and what is needed to win, as well as know that the most important scoreboard is now 4.

    Thanks again, thanks, and thanks! From one internet stranger to the next, everything you’ve done has been greatly appreciated. I wish you all the best either way, and thanks once more.

    A saddened Canadian who knew who had it right all along
    Thanks again – Adam

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    1. Everyone’s words have been generous. Thanks.

      At the onset I didn’t want to tolerate the trolls. They were shown the door and all that was left were good fans who preferred thinking about the team instead of reacting with manic depression. I’m not giving up Twitter so easily. Get on there and follow me and Brian Baldinger (and a few others). We’ll keep it going more informally. Less ball and chain. Still Giants.


      1. Please don’t quit. Your posts are better than any main stream media reporting out there. I rely on your posts for informed objective analysis of Giants and NFL. Your draft posts were usually on the mark. I read your posts before turning to talk radio, ESPN, or beat writers. At least keep the insights coming via Twitter. Reading your blogs since 2008. Thanks for everything.

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      2. I keep looking for “The first post of 2019”
        Wishful thinking I guess.
        When we opened up and started beating Dallas I was like maybe… then they let Dallas back in for the win and all hope was lost.
        Thanks again for the last decade of great reading material.

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  2. I will add my thanks. Like many have said, over the past several years, yours has been my favorite place to go for a balanced view of the Giants. I want to especially thank you for pounding the table for the injury issues over the last several years. The injury situation seems to be better this year but your blog was one of the few places to point out that the injuries had to be something more than dumb luck. Thanks, really appreciated. And I selfishly hope you will keep blogging!

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