2019 NFL Draft: Sleepers

We are looking for guys who will be drafted on Day 3. Everyone else will be asleep at the wheel on Saturday. After reading this blog post, you and I will be watching to see if the Giants can find some hidden treasure. Day 3 is critically important to this franchise, because they sit with EIGHT picks that day:

Round 4 #108
Round 4 #132
Round 5 #142
Round 5 #143
Round 5 #171
Round 6 #180
Round 7 #232
Round 7 #245

Here are Wonder’s sleepers who will be available.

LB David Long. No, not the Cornerback. The Linebacker. Must take him in Round 4 if has not gone yet. Vacuum cleaner. See our Top 50 Board, Ranked 29th.

CB Mark Fields. We have this guy ranked at 46th overall in our entire draft. Go find ANYONE who has his Fields ranked that high. Anyone. (See our Top 50 Board.) So it goes without saying he is our number 1 Day 3 sleeper.

T Oli Udoh. Huge guy, not fat. Weight training, muscle building are key to harnessing his future. Relied on his size in college to run over people. I saw something in him. Huge long arms. Strong. If you give him a chance, and God forbid you have a Coach like Scarnechia, he can be a starting Tackle or Guard in the NFL. These are the kind of guys who you want to take in R5 and R6. Look at all the losers who Reese kept taking back there in Round 6 who went nowhere. This is a guy who could go somewhere. Comparison: Mo Collins, the road grader from Oakland.

CB Corey Ballentine. He went to that mecca of football called Washburn. Athlete. Ran track. Quick twitch. Not just speed in the 40, it was how he moved. Longish arms. At worst, nickel back. His upside can be a starting CB. Looks the part. So at Round 5, there is value in his upside. Work ethic, good character. Give him a shot.

EDGE Jordan Brailford 3-4 OLB. Versatile. Will be better than guys drafted in R3-R4. I think he goes in Round 5 and he is a good pick in Round 5. Always possible he falls to R6-R7 or even goes undrafted.

S Evan Worthington. Already has the NFL body. Probably has underachieved. Underdrafted, potential. Creates value for the right team that can coach him up.

CB Jordan Miller. Needs to get stronger. Body can handle another 10-15 lbs. Will be underdrafted. That is what you want in R5-R7. A guy with upside. He has upside. Fill out body-wise. Fast, good hands, athleticism, good ball skills, good hips.

G Ben Powers. A lot of experience protecting Kyler Murray. Does not have speed and athleticism that will wow scouts. So he will fall in the Draft. He is not a guy I am afraid to have on spots 6-8 backing up my Offensive Line.

EDGE Ben Banogu. Good for 3-4 OLB. Or maybe hand in dirt if gains weight. Big, strong, fast, athletic, has experience. Nobody has him rated. I would rate him 100-120, and he won’t probably get taken until Round 6. Take him. The Giants have so many picks back there, he can be one of them.

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