Wonder on All 32 Teams after Week 8

One liners from UltimateNYG’s draft analyst Wonder on all 32 teams

NE  Does anyone else know how to coach?
BUF Kudos to Bills organization, designing a team for the cold weather.
NYJ  Unless you are RWilson or KMurray, no QB can survive without an OL.
MIA Still tanking for Tua, but should tank for Lawrence in 2021 instead.

KC  Please Mahomes, come back, we miss you!
OAK Las Vegas fans should be encouraged about the future.
LAC Worse than an enigma.
DEN If only Elway could draft Elway.

BAL Harbaugh can coach. Jackson is undefendable.
PIT The era is over. Time to start anew.
CLE If this is a Dream Team, what is a nightmare?
CIN Time for Cincinnati to pack up and go. Oklahoma?

IND Good job by Reich to keep his players focused.
HOU Watt is done. He and O’Brien have to go.
JAC If Ramsey wasn’t an a******, and Foles wasn’t hurt, might be a 2 seed.
TEN So disappointed in Mariota.

DAL Jason Garrett must have compromising pictures of Jerry Jones.
PHL Too busy reading their press clippings from 2 years ago.
NYG Shurmur is not the answer, and neither is Gettleman.
WAS The other 31 owners should force Snyder to sell.

SF  Lynch and Shanahan have been amazing.
SEA Russell Wilson should be renamed Houdini.
LAR What happened to the 2017 coach of the year?
AZ  Kingsbury and Murray are on their way. Get ready NFL.

GB  Was McCarthy that bad, or was their Defense that bad?
MIN I can’t tell if you win because of Zimmer or in spite of Zimmer.
DET Doing better with Patricia than I would have guessed.
CHI Last year’s coach of the year is in a serious sophomore slump.

NO  Sean Payton and Drew Brees are second only to Belichick and Brady.
CAR What happened to Cam Newton and the Panthers after 2015?
TB  Winston = Loser.
ATL The D has disappeared after the first half of the Super Bowl.

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