NY Giants: Post Mortem 2019

PART 1- Shurmur Out, Gettleman Remains

It is really one large cosmic joke that the Giants have not parted ways with Gettleman. The conventional wisdom (brainwashing) is that you want stability and that Gettleman needs more time. A friend, Dimitri Raitzin, counters this with correct perspective:

The problem is that Mara wants the Giants to be the Steelers, but Gettleman is no Kevin Colbert. Stability is nice when you’re competing for the playoffs every year. The Giants are annually competing for a Top 5 draft pick. That type of stability is worthless.

Therein lies the problem. John Mara is living in the past, thinking he is one fix away from getting back on track. We have noted how he needs to remove himself from this process completely, relinquishing control and stepping down as Chief Executive.

The Giants have Gettleman for at least 1 year but more likely at least 2 years, as he will now be attached to the next Head Coach’s fate. Gettleman can recognize talent in the Draft but he does not make good decisions. His Free Agency track record is awful. Gettleman chose Shurmur. He lacks fundamental understanding of what wins in the NFL in 2020. And he lacks understanding of how to make value-based decisions in a hard cap value world (as evidenced by him paying Barkley top 4 RB money on his rookie contract when the rookie contract is a key to extracting value in the post-2011 CBA order).

PART 2- Head Coach Search

Front and Center, the Giants now embark on a Head Coach search. It will be Gettleman who will conduct this search.  His due diligence on Shurmur was flawed. If one looks at Shurmur’s track record more carefully, we see that he was the Interim Head Coach in Philadelphia yet Philadelphia did not elevate him- why? We know why now, 2 years later. Note how 2 years ago the Giants wanted an “adult” post-McAdoo. Today the owners are singing a different tune, saying that they want a “leader.” Get the picture? Maybe Gettleman will get lucky this time. I prefer to make my own luck.

Mara and Tisch will sign off. Garbage in, garbage out. There are a few prominent names under consideration from this report collected by Jordan Raanan.

  1. Matt Rhule. This one can make a lot of sense. “Rhule is acceptable,” says Wonder, the Draft Analyst for UltimateNYG NY Giants Blog. “He will get them back on course. He does a good job of organizing and putting together his team. While I am not overwhelmed by him, I do like him. He is pretty solid. He is a much better selection than a retread like Ron Rivera.” And speaking of retreads, Wonder issued a very stern and sharp warning for those even mentioning the name of Jason Garrett. “If the Giants tap Garrett as the next Head Coach, all fans should just turn in their Giants card. Go on strike. Throw in the towel.” I had independently reached the same conclusion, having tweeted that Garrett does less with more, the classic sign of underachievement. I think any Giants fan paying attention to Dallas (they are, after all, in the NFC East) knows that Garrett does not make his team better.
  2. Josh McDaniels. I was a little concerned about what happened in Denver in McDaniel’s first stint as a Head Coach. It felt like major dysfunction, along with immaturity. After reading this, I would be hopeful that his next opportunity would fare much better. Wonder would be comfortable with McDaniels. Realistically speaking, I do not think it will happen, as there are rumors that Belichick told both Patricia and McDaniels not to take the Giants job 2 years ago. Wonder really likes McDaniels, and thinks he would be even better than Rhule: “I am not concerned about what happened in Denver. He may have a handshake agreement on getting the job in New England if/when Belichick steps down, so that is the reason why I am more doubtful about the likelihood of it happening here.”
  3. Eric Bieniemy. “I want no part of him,” says Wonder. “The only reason why he is being considered at all is because the KC Offense is stacked. Even I could coach that team with all the talent there,” jokes our analyst.

PART 3- Nepotism

I keep hearing about Chris Mara wanting the NY Giants GM job, be it two years ago when he was passed over, now or whenever. Is there anyone who has confidence in his abilities? There was open dysfunction between him and Jerry Reese. How do you fire your own brother?

PART 4- The Draft

The Giants have the 4th pick overall.

Mara: “The key is still the Draft, making good draft picks and you have to supplement that with Free Agency. You can’t think that you’re going to solve all of your problems in Free Agency… it just doesn’t work.”

The good thing is that I agree with EVERYTHING Mara just said there. The problem is that his GM that he supports does not understand the value of his Draft picks (or how to make good sensible FA decisions either, but let’s stay with the Draft….). No GM bringing up the rear at the trade deadline gives up Draft picks FOR the expiring contract. Gettleman blew the 70th pick overall plus a Round 4/Round 5 pick in 2021 for Leonard Williams. The key is the Draft. Mara just said it. The value is in the rookie contracts. The CBA says it. The Giants threw away critical currency for its rebuild. Gettleman did it.

Preliminary indications are that this Draft is deeper in OL. Ya think that that 70th pick overall can help throw help at that problem?? Look at the Patriots, who are competitive every year. They collect massive amounts of draft picks and let veteran players walk, in return for … compensatory Draft picks. So the answer is right in front of you. This is how to do business in the 21st Century. To be fair to Gettleman, he did move some players (like JPP, Apple and Harrison) and collected picks. Yet to go in reverse and go for Williams on the hope of signing him was not consistent with value. Williams was bait for a playoff contender who needed (injury) help with interior DL. Period. If we could somehow sign Williams to a much cheaper deal before FA, that was the only way this was paying off. That is highly unlikely.

Every part of your plan must be efficient. Bad decisions add up. You find value through a series of decisions where EVERY decision has value. Just because it has value does not mean it will work out. If I throw a coin and heads I win $2 while tails I lose $1, I want to throw that coin. I may lose with tails but that is ok. The Williams trade simply did not have value. That was not a good coin toss.

PART 5- Analytics

Why are analytics important? We talked about this at length literally a decade ago on this blog when we recommended Money Ball by Michael Lewis. My old posts are gone due to a couple of host site migrations over the years, but all you need to know is that Billy Beane figured out that by cranking the numbers you can figure out what works for assembling a winning team. It was all about VALUE. Beane was able to field competitive teams on salaries that were significantly less than his peers.

Beane got outspent because he did not have a hard cap. Imagine Beane in a hard cap sport and that is football analytics. To belittle/ignore their value is like passing on that favorable coin toss. Or worse… not quantifying what the coin toss looks like in the first place.

Imagine our amusement, when hearing this from Steve Politi…

“I’m still digesting John Mara’s press conference today, but when an owner … tells everyone that his team has a killer new analytics department that you just didn’t know about… that was weird, right?”

Maybe it is completely weird when Dave Gettleman, only a couple of years ago, waves his hands, pokes fun at the nerds and calls analytics “nonsense.”

So who are you going to believe? Did Gettleman all of a sudden wake up and figure out that he needs to change and get into the 21st Century? Positional VALUE? I’ll believe it when Politi asks Gettleman that question tomorrow and we see a 180 from the Giants GM. “People don’t change. They become more so,” said a wise sage. No, I am not expecting lightning bolts tomorrow.

PART 6- Scapegoating Shurmur

Jay Glazer called out the Giants for contradicting facts.

Did you expect anything less when they decided to keep Gettleman? We know Shurmur was a boob on mismanaging the players. We never chased after Gettleman when Shurmur under-leveraged Barkley’s skills. Similarly, we did not go after Shurmur when the Giants traded draft picks for Leonard Williams.

I thought the Reese bye week pressers were comedy. Today was a continuation of the denial. Mara on Gettleman’s Free Agency boners: “He does know that the batting average has to increase going forward.” Well, at least we got that. The last time we got a warning from Mara to his GM, Reese lost his job two years later. I sure hope Gettleman nails the Head Coach hire because we fans can’t take another 2 years of this.

3 thoughts on “NY Giants: Post Mortem 2019

  1. I vote “no” on McDaniels. He flamed out in Denver and left the Colts at the altar. Plus, he’s clearly the heir apparent in NE, so might bolt after a year or two of having to deal with DG. Also, traditionally, BB’s proteges have not done well outside of his system. We’ll see about Vrabel and O’Brien, but McDaniels, Crenell, Weis, Mangini, Patricia, and Groh never did much.


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  2. Maybe I read it above but I know I heard this multiple times in last few days. Coaches don’t want to come here because its old school environment. This may be a trend. I remember in the 90’s we wanted Coughlin (Jaguars) and Dave Wanstadt (Bears). They chose elsewhere and we did not get them and we went with Reeves who was eager for this this job and there was no one left. Move forward to 2018. We wound up with Shumer and lost out on Patricia and and McDaniels. Granted Wanstadt, Patrica and were/are poor coaches. My point is NY should be a job everyone wants. Why are coaches turning away from us?

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