UltimateNYG’s draft analyst Wonder is about halfway through the Combine tape. So while his Draft Board is a work in progress, he already has evaluated many players. And there is one guy (beyond Chase Young) who stands out in the 2020 Draft:


“This draft is loaded with Offensive Tackles,” says Wonder. “Contrast that with last year, when it was not top heavy at all. This year it is a great draft for Tackle. Also WR. I have not looked at Defensive Line or Defensive Backs yet, so everything is incomplete, but it is a great moment for the Giants to take Tackle.”

Right now, here is how Wonder ranks the Top 3 prospects at OL:
1) T Tristan Wirfs
1A) T Mekhi Becton
3) T Andrew Thomas

So why not Wirfs? Wonder: “An extra 40 lbs of power. Wirfs is more of a zone blocking scheme fit. Becton is better for a power running game. I would love Becton for the Giants.”

What does Becton offer? Our draft analyst elaborates. “He is a beast. 6’7” Carries 350-360 lbs easily (weighs 364 lbs). MAULER! Powerful hands. Agile. Moves quickly. Mauls defenders like insects. He is athletic. If Becton is coached right and he has the proper work ethic, there is unlimited upside. As a prospect, Becton offers the most potential we have seen in many years.

“This guy will protect Daniel Jones for 10 years. You can’t put a price tag on that. He’ll help turn Barkley loose in the running game. He will change the whole Offensive Line by himself. If you draft him, move Solder’s awful contract to RT. I am not in love with this, but you can even possibly move him to Guard.” Considering how poor the Giants OL has been … for nearly a decade …. doesn’t that mean everything??!! Becton is going to have 80 lbs on the DEs in the run game. Think about that kind of dominance. The game is won and lost at the line of scrimmage. Doesn’t that explain why this position makes so much sense?!

The safe pick is Wirfs, who Wonder projects to be an All-Pro. But if you want to hit a homerun, you take Becton, because if he is healthy and reaches his potential, he could be a perennial All-Pro. Taking Wirfs at 1.04 is not horrible because it will work.

Wonder compares Becton to LT Jonathan Ogden. “Becton is built like Ogden. His upside is Ogden or Pace. I actually played basketball versus Jonathan Ogden in a pickup game. He had tree trunks for legs. So I know what Jonathan Ogden is. By the way, Ogden is a super nice guy, he went easy on us. Mountain of a man.”

Any other comparison? “He can be a much better version of Trent Brown, the Raiders Pro Bowl Tackle (who was coached up by Scarnecchia in New England before hitting paydirt in Free Agency). A much better bigger version than HOFer Art Shell. A bigger better version of DAL T/G HOFer Larry Allen.”

Maybe Judge just pays his old colleague Scarnecchia to coach this kid up in training camp. Everything Scarnecchia touches turns to gold. Just get Becton some decent coaching and it is over.

Let’s talk intangibles. Here is a piece from before his senior year in college. He says all the right things and walks the walk. No red flags here. I like this kid, he seems like he wants to put his head down and get to work, which is precisely the culture of a 10 year lineman.

The last time the Giants took a Tackle really high, they got burned with Ereck Flowers. And once burned twice shy, so you might be afraid to go there again. “Flowers was never projected to be a mauler. He was projected to be a solid LT that could protect Eli. My eval was wrong because even though I specifically said that he needed a year of coaching before establishing himself, he never learned the proper technique to get to the next level. He did a lot better with Callahan in Washington because he had better coaching and better technique. They also moved his feet inside to Guard. Becton, on the other hand, is massive, has much better athleticism than Flowers, and frankly should not be compared to him. He has a much higher ceiling, it is not even close.”

Wonder continues. “The thing which is most intriguing about taking Becton is that other teams will have to gameplan to address what he does in the run game. And once you have a player of that caliber who does that to the opposition, you’ve already won.”  Think about how every week, opposing teams needed to gameplan Lawrence Taylor. Well, right now they don’t need to gameplan Barkley as much because the OL s**ks at run blocking. Becton will change that.

We have been begging for Offensive Line 8-10 years ago, and re-upped the need 2 drafts ago from the moment they selected Saquon Barkley. Frankly, I wasn’t kidding when I said in 2018 that it would be fine if they took OL the rest of the Draft. How about this draft? Wouldn’t you take 2 offensive tackles in this draft? “Not a bad idea. Yes,” said Wonder.

Wonder imagines life on the Giants Offense with Becton. “You get a good solid blocking TE to pair up with him on the left side and oh my God it is a feast of riches. I run 12 package play action out of a set with Shepard, Tate and Engram wide and it cannot be  defended. If you run the ball you’ll get 5 yards every time, so the LBers will be drawn up to stop the run. On play action, Tate, Shepard or Engram can get 10-15 yards easily.”

ODDS and ENDS: This is a thin draft for Tight End. Washington QB Jacob Eason is value. If he can be taught properly, he has an arm. Round 2 coach him up. Another value guy in Round 2 or Round 3 is WR Chase Claypool. More Draft coming while we are all in lockdown.

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