NFL Draft Day 1 & 2 Recap

The Giants drafted T Andrew Thomas at 1.04, S Xavier McKinney at 2.36 and T Matt Peart at 3.99. Gettleman, whom we are no fans of, did well. Very well. Here’s why.

  1. Gettleman recognized correctly that it was paramount to draft a stud Tackle in Round 1. He stayed away from Simmons, who while not a bad pick at 1.04, was a luxury at this spot. Protect your QB. Could Gettleman have traded down? Maybe. Maybe not. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt by noting that there were ZERO trades in the Top 10, the first time that’s happened in 5 years. It indicates there simply wasn’t enough to demand to move up the top. It was uniformly understood that all 4 elite Tackle prospects were close in rating, so getting more value by trading down was the best route… if someone was going to pay. The Giants took one (Thomas), and it’s good for the organization. He can be a 10 year fixture.
  2. The Giants unequivocally scored big BIG in Round 2 with Safety Xavier McKinney at 2.36. McKinney fell and fell. Next thing it’s Day 2 and he fell some more. Now it was the Giants turn to let him fall again or say welcome to E Rutherford. They took him. So why did McKinney fall? Gettleman believes the only reason they came up with was that his 40 time (4.63) was too slow for Round 1. TAKEM. Wonder: “Production. Production. Production. Watch the goddamn film. All is good in Giants land.” So let’s review what the UltimateNYG draft analyst said about the player before he was a Giant…

19. S Xavier McKinney. Alabama had a great back 7. McKinney was a big part of that. He is solid everywhere. Experienced, can play Tampa 2 two high zone, single high 8 in the box, can cover the slot, takes great angles, knows the football field, can make a play. Plays faster because he knows where to go. Good hitter for his size. Can blitz. Floor is 2.5 (solid starter-pro bowl) and ceiling is All-Pro. Comparison: Jamal Adams.

This is a special player who will also be a locker room leader. Getting him at 2.36 is really good value, as it gives playmaking ability on top of Thomas’s security. Anyone can hit at 1.04, but we believe this is another Round 1 impact player. The pairing with Peppers makes it even more dynamic. Wonder also pointed out that in today’s NFL, Safety is more important than CB, and here you can see that with the flexibility of McKinney to cover the slot if needed.

Addendum: Subsequent to posting, I read that McKinney said he had cramps, he was timed at 4.52 or even lower, and looking forward to cleaning that up on his Pro Day (which of course didn’t happen because of Covid). When I read these things, it just gives me more confidence in Wonder’s independent eval. He scrutinizes Combine numbers as much as anyone, but didn’t let that bad time move him off of his eval because he produced in the game and “plays faster.” Wonder’s ranking was in line with what the Giants saw TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE PICK, which is why we would have loved the pick for whoever got him after ~1.25. Our draft group was asking aloud with every passing team what was going on. Great for the Giants to put an end to the slide and collect this player. The Patriots picked immediately after the Giants and selected a Safety (Dugger, also in our Top 50). What odds would you like that Belichick would have taken McKinney at 2.37?!!

3. T Matt Peart. Our analyst admits he wasn’t able to see a lot of film on Peart because of the smaller program. “Bad system, bad competition, limited experience.” A set of scouts making a field trip to Storrs has an advantage in gathering info here. If the Giants OL coach can develop him, there is an opportunity. “We want to fix this Offensive Line, once and for all,” said Gettleman after taking Thomas. If Peart can be developed it would go a very long way to fixing what ails the Giants. This pick at Tackle reenforces our outspoken desire to see the Giants take TWO TACKLES in the first 3 rounds. Only when McKinney kept falling did we pivot and put him in the mix with two others at 2.36.

The Giants got two very credible players with high ceilings and another potential answer at OL. Daniel Jones is the future. The pieces being assembled can rebuild this franchise and ideally get a foundation of competitiveness. No skill players in the first 3 rounds. Works for me.

Onto Round 4- Round 7 tomorrow. This is where you can really make your draft. Last year Gettleman hit on Slayton in Round 5. Here’s a way to hit in Round 4: LB Troy Dye. See you on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “NFL Draft Day 1 & 2 Recap

    1. Choosing not to do weekly games recaps was a weight lifted. Regurgitating a 4-12 season is not much fun. The draft is a cornerstone. It helps our knowledge of the game because we know more about these players from Day 1, especially the ones who we are tracking and are more likely to last.


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