2020 Finishes 6-10

Instead of adding to this post as the week progresses, we will discuss the Gettleman/Mara press conference in a followup post this weekend. Here is the narrative for 2020 as the Giants head into 2021:

1. This was a successful rebuilding year. Anyone who is crushed that the team didn’t make the playoffs… I can’t help that. At 6-10, if you are crestfallen then all I can say is that what happened to them vs <AZ CLE BAL> would have in almost all likelihood awaited them the following weekend. The team picks at 1.11. Onward.

2. The Giants found their head coach. To juxtapose this, in ~Nov 2018 we called Pat Shurmur “a loser.” Judge is a fighter.

3. I came into 2020 thinking Jones was a franchise QB. I’m not so sure after his sophomore effort. Some good, some disturbing (see last post) trends. If he has time to throw the ball, he has enough…

4. Everything is Offensive Line. Everything. The second of 3 pillars of success – “PROTECT QB.” This young unit is the metaphor for team health. Good OL, team good. Bad OL, team bad. Continue to throw draft resources here. I don’t care if other areas of the team need it and OL is the squeaky wheel that gets (more than it’s fair share of) the oil. Fix it. Make it great. End the double digit losing seasons by fixing the OL, overdrafting if necessary, to get depth too.

5. Evan Engram was part of 6 interceptions this season. Jones threw a total of 10 INTs. Engram is simply too much of a liability for this team and the Giants need to move on.

6. Let’s make this perfectly clear. The third pillar is RUSH THE QB. So getting an edge pass rusher is more important than getting a Wide Receiver. I can rattle off oodles of quality Round 2-3 WRs. Claypool, Metcalf, McLaurin, AJ Brown. It’s not as easy to do that with Edge.

7. Gettleman is not the answer. Get a new GM. I said this at the end of 2019 and little has changed. Yes, you can argue Bradberry and Leonard Williams. He could have still gotten LW anyway w/o the draft capital. And we are still left with the same problems of his repeated poor decisions, which aren’t going away just because the team took 2 extra years to rebuild than it should have.

More on everything as I supplement the post this week. Onward to 2021.

One thought on “2020 Finishes 6-10

  1. All things considered I was happy with this season. Way better than the dumpster fires that were the previous seasons. That spells good things for Judge which is great, but also for Gettleman. The one saving gace is it sounds like Judge has Gettleman’s ear so maybe just maybe Judge can sway some decisions in the right direction *fingers crossed*
    Also couldn’t agree more with Engram, we have started calling him “butter fingers”
    Not sure what leg injuries do to your hands but he hasn’t been the same.

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