Since 2017, the Worst in the NFL

The gameplan for turning around the Giants is listed below. But first, let’s get some perspective on how bad it is…

Losing teams find ways to lose games. The 2021 NY Giants are 0-3 and they have lost 3 games in 3 different ways. They let Terry Bridgewater beat them on 4th down conversions. They let Taylor Heinicke beat them via a penalty on a FG. Today, injuries made an anemic offense worse. They couldn’t get it done in the red zone, and Giants defenders dropped 3 balls which would have been interceptions (one in the end zone that enabled ATL to subsequently tie the game).

The Giants own the worst record in the NFL since 2017, 18-49 (tied with the lowly Jets). With the next 7 games against NO DAL LAR CAR KC LVR TB, the Giants could have their 5th consecutive double digit losing season… locked up in the first 10 games.

We’ve never been buyers of what Gettleman has been selling. It’s always the wrong answer. The one time he did something right, he still tried to do it wrong. We didn’t like his priorities, and wanted him replaced after 2 seasons, but the loyal Giants let him mortgage the future to win now in 2021. They will likely be 2-8, 1-9, or 0-10 in 2021. The bills have come due. With interest.

The first 3 games of this season have seen some troubling decisions from Joe Judge. Today, we’ll look at one which was very disturbing. You’re down 7-6 in Q3, it’s 4th and 3 at the ATL 39 yd line. What do you do? For me, I would go for it on 4th down. That’s my first choice. It’s an easy decision. The second choice is Gano. He’s on fire. He can hit from anywhere, certainly from 56 yds. Judge? He chose door #3, opting to punt. Wrong answer. We’ve seen conservativism from him twice in two weeks of close losses. Are you playing to win or not to lose?

Engram fumbled again. He will not survive a new GM.

Jones fumbled again. He got a good bounce and recovered it this time. But we continue to vote thumbs down on Jones until he can protect the ball.

Here’s my gameplan.

1. Fire Gettleman.

2. Do not let Accorsi do the search. His Rolodex is as old and as tired as this decade of losing.

3. The outsider doing the GM search will hire a new outsider GM.

4. The new GM will be wise to urge Ronnie Barnes to retire and send Chris Mara and Kevin Abrams packing.

5. The new GM will probably keep Judge. If Judge is kept, Garrett must be replaced. Throw as much money as possible at Offensive Line coach to assure the development of proper technique, because…

6. In the 2022 draft, the new GM should take OL with every mother %^*#+£& draft pick. If the draft is “thin” at OL, take “only” half of them at OL, and overpay in free agency for a solid mother %^*#+£& Guard.

7. Trade Barkley for a bag of cheese doodles. Run the ball 70% of the time (in the Year 1 rebuild) with anyone you like while Jones protects the ball (or gets shown the bench). This will protect whoever your QB is from getting turned into David Carr. Yup, the next GM may jettison Jones just like they did in other rebuilds. My gameplan is good with or without Jones.

8. Take the cap pain in 2022 from Gettleman’s mortgage debt. It will be ugly, but this is your inheritance for being dead last in the NFL. As Jim Collins teaches- Confront the Brutal Facts.

9. Wonder: “Fire Gettleman again, just to make sure.”

Wonder: “Follow the blueprint of the Cardinals, the Bengals, or even the Jets, who at least have a future. Tear it down and start from scratch. The Giants don’t even have a future. It all started with drafting a RB (at 1.02). While you have to play in the cold weather in Dec/Jan, it’s not ‘Giants football’ anymore. That’s not how the NFL works. It’s a different league powered by Offense. If the Giants want to get back to winning, you need (QB,) Offensive Line and skill players like Tyreek Hill.”

Maybe Kadarius Toney can be Tyreek Hill-lite. It doesn’t matter when there’s no Offensive Line and no Offensive scheme.

70% of parents think their kids are above average. John Mara’s kid, the NY Giants, is at the bottom. We know from the great sage George Costanza- whatever you’re doing, if it isn’t working, do the opposite.

3 thoughts on “Since 2017, the Worst in the NFL

  1. You really must enjoy the losing to still be watching at this point, Andy. I havent followed this team with passion since they confiscated my season tickets by way of the PSL. The Mara $hits are getting everything they deserve, and more.


      1. Hardly. NY was truly blessed to have Wellington and George Steinbrenner during the same period. Now we find ourselves tortured by their trust fund entitled offspring. So many similarities btw these two teams and our great country.

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