Giants Draft Leaker, Revealed

April showers bring May flowers. For the Giants, April Drafts bring April Leaks.

It is frustrating as all hell for Giants fans every year to watch as seemingly “everyone knows” what the Giants are going to do in the NFL Draft… and I am here to tell you that not only is the Giants Leaker real, we are pretty certain we know who he is and we are going to reveal him here in this blog post. All that we want as Giants fans is for the leaks to stop so that the team can be more competitive and make selections without the world knowing who they are taking beforehand.

UltimateNYG has been blogging the Gmen for over 15 years. Generally speaking, the mainstream media is compromised in what they can say in order to maintain access to their sources. We aren’t, so we get to say what we want. We just have to back it up with track record.

Here is the back story on The Leaker from last April. We knew there was a leaker but could not disclose who it was. For the beat writers, this is their grist, their livelihood.

What I could not tell you then, but which I can finally reveal now, is that we had a source with the same information overlapped from Ralph Vacchiano in 2019’s Draft. That does not mean he got his information the same way we got ours (perhaps he did, and we do not know), but I will share with you a story and you can draw your own conclusions.

As a reminder, on Tuesday, April 23, 2019, let’s set the table.

It is Wednesday, April 24, 2019, and I get a text from a Giants Source (“GS”).
“Call me.”
UltimateNYG: “Hey, what’s up.”
GS: “You’re not going to believe it, but I know who the Giants are taking tomorrow at 1.06.”
UltimateNYG (knowing how credible GS is): “Wow. Who?”
GS: “Just don’t share the information (on Twitter or the blog).”
UltimateNYG: “Not a problem. Who are they taking?”
GS: “You are going to freak. They’re taking Daniel Jones.”
UltimateNYG: “What???!!! You’ve gotta be kidding me. Jones at 1.06?! Overdraft. Let me check… Wonder has him as the 50th ranked player on his board. What a waste. What are they doing? They could get him at 1.17, or maybe even in early Round 2. How did you find this out?”
GS: “You’re not going to believe it. It’s John Mara.”
UltimateNYG: (stunned silence)
GS: “Yep. John Mara was playing golf at Winged Foot and he blabbed the pick. There were enough people there within earshot.”
UltimateNYG: “What is he doing? How can he be reckless with that kind of information?!”
GS: “I know. I know.”
UltimateNYG: “I do not know what is worse, overdrafting the 6th pick on Jones or the owner blabbing his own team’s draft intentions. GS, this is like Warren Buffett announcing the stock he is going to buy in the open market BEFORE he buys the stock. How can Mara do that?”
GS: “Yah, I don’t get it either.”
UltimateNYG: “He’s the leaker. Can I at least share the pick privately.”
GS: “Yes, but you can’t reveal the source of the information.”

The information was held in confidence, until now.

The pieces of the puzzle fit. Mutiple different draft leaks. Multiple General Managers. Who else would be that senior? And think about this- why do you not hear any effort on behalf of the Giants to flush out and fire the employee who keeps leaking? Surely, logically, Reese or Gettleman would have gotten rid of the person who was undermining their efforts! Only one answer makes sense- the leaker can’t be fired because it is John Mara. This kind of conclusion, reached via inference from more than a few, is shown in the confounded nature of Todd McShay coming up with yet more leaks about Charles Cross, followed by one exasperated fan and another…  

So let’s summarize- Vacchiano and others have had such good information for years. The Titans and Bears fronted the Giants in 2016. There was an “intelligence failure,” a leak that reporters had shared, that was disclosed prominently by John Clayton a few weeks later. Fast forward to 2019, and we are told via John Mara that the Giants will make an outlier move and take Daniel Jones at 1.06. That same evening, Ralph Vacchiano reports the same thing on Jones. 24 hours later, the Giants confirm what we heard and what Vacchiano reported, and they take Jones at 1.06. Maybe a pair of outsiders in Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll can put an end to the leaks. If national Draft guys like McShay “keep(s) hearing” about Giants Draft intentions, we aren’t so sure.

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