NYG Draft Leaker Revealed, Part 2

Yesterday, we revealed who the NY Giants leaker is. There is consistent inside knowledge of the Giants Drafting intentions in their first pick. Subsequent picks are never quite known due to the unfolding of the Draft Board, as too many variables affect who will be available.

We documented what happened in 2016.

In 2017, the Giants were picking later in Round 1, so it was harder to exactly know how the Board would unfold.

In 2018, everyone and their mother knew about Gettleman’s full bloom love for Barkley.

In 2019, the Giants selected Daniel Jones. We described in detail what went down, who leaked the pick, and how the intentions of the Giants were disclosed before Draft Day. Because no one else in their right mind would pay 1.06 for Jones, that is likely why the Giants were not fronted, despite their intentions being known beforehand.

In 2021, we got more of the same telegraphing. Draft Day morning:

With the 11th overall pick in the NFL Draft, the New York Giants will select

Alabama receiver Jaylen Waddle.

I think, in the end, the Giants are going to take whichever Alabama receiver is still there – and yes, it could just as easily be DeVonta Smith

Ralph Vacchiano

So Waddle goes off at 1.06, and the other Alabama receiver, DeVonta Smith, is about to be the pick.

Except the Philadelphia Eagles (who picked at 1.12, right behind the Giants) knew how reliable the information was, how strong the leaked information was (whether they are getting it directly from Vacchiano or anyone else), and they did what the Titans and Bears did in 2016. They fronted the Giants, traded with Dallas at 1.10, and took Smith. This was all documented by Vacchiano a day later.

Yes, the Giants wanted Smith.

Ralph Vacchiano

This year, with the Giants holding 2 cards, the 1.05 and 1.07, they have more flexibility. Sadly, we will probably get the Giants’ draft intentions before they select. We all read the beat reporters to get a better understanding of what the team will do, but when there is too much information, it hurts what the team wants to do, be it Conklin, Floyd, Jones, Smith or whomever they target.

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