NYG 2022 Draft: Day 2 Recap

After the buzz of Day 1, where the Giants absolutely destroyed it, I admit it is somewhat anticlimactic to be reviewing these players. Yet you also know that the Blog LOVES Round 2 and we recognize that you make your team in this part of the Draft. These are the people who become solid starters.

Our infatuation with Joe Schoen got off to an amazing start yesterday, when he arguably selected the best Offensive Tackle and Edge Defender in the entire 2022 class. The new GM did even more to win our affections, trading down from 2.36 to 2.38, collecting the 5.146. Then, he traded down again to 2.43 and collected the 4.114 pick. Ladies and Gents, these R4 and R5 picks do not grow on trees. Each time we got some additional value. With the 2.43, the NY Giants selected WR Wan’dale Robinson. Some indicated that he was projected to go in R3/R4, implying it was a reach and bad value. Not our draft analyst, Wonder…

“Underrated Prospect. I like him. And the guys I trust like him too. He is a potential steal. Can be a playmaker. Has a very good chance to succeed. Basically when you line him up in the slot and give him an option route, he is going to go one direction and he will be unguardable. So this is reasonable value for Round 2. He has a quick twitch, a fast and explosive guy. He is like a faster version of Julian Edelman with real speed, except not as thick or strong. Good hands, a burner, jitterbug, small.”

Shepard tore his ACL last season so the Giants are probably getting some insurance. Given Kadarius Toney’s reported baggage (not putting in requisite effort last year in preparation/meetings etc), it is another reason for depth. While I am not enamored of the “toys,” at least this WR came in Round 2. I have a kind spot in my heart for the Amani Toomers, Sterling Shepards, and Steve Smiths who put their heads downs and win games for you. This is a reminder of so much evidence not to draft WRs in Round 1.

Next, the Giants selected G Joshua Ezeudu with the 3.67 pick. “Reasonable,” says the UltimateNYG analyst. We wanted the Giants to hit OL hard. We know that Round 2 did not lend itself to selecting a lot of vg value there, as OLmen like Tyler Linderbaum and G Kenyon Green were long gone. It makes sense that the Gmen returned to this position, and we are glad they did. Added Saturday afternoon, Wonder: Ezeudu is ok, but there were other players I preferred. His ceiling is somewhere between a replaceable starter and a solid starter.

At. 3.81 the Giants selected CB Cordale Flott. These last 2 picks were in a position of need.

Added Saturday afternoon, Wonder: “JAG.” (Just a guy. Can make, cannot, not in love with the pick.)

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