Wonder: 32 NFL Team One-liners

Our draft analyst, Wonder, imparts his quick one line summaries of all 32 NFL teams after the early games were in the books on Sunday afternoon.

BUF– Still the team to beat.
MIA– Even with Tua, inflated 3-1.
NYJ– Good things on the horizon, but not now.
NE– I can’t wait for the “Get rid of Bill” chants.

BAL– For a really good team to be 2-2 by blowing a 21 pt and a 17 pt lead is embarrassing/disturbing/pathetic (pick one).
CIN– Keep the faith.
CLE– Losing to NYJ and ATL is not a way to impress Deshaun Watson.
PIT– Tomlin will finally have a losing season.

JAX– Beware the future Jags.
TENN– The up for grabs part of the division.
IND– How bad can a really good team play?
HOU– No hope now, and no hope for the future.

KC– Still the AFC cream of the crop.
LAC– So much for everybody’s dark horse Super Bowl winner.
DEN– Tell me again, what did the Broncos pay for Russell Wilson?
LVR– This is what a potentially 3-0 team looks like at 0-3.

PHL– If there is a weakness on this team, I do not see it.
DAL– Hard to believe I have to give McCarthy credit for being 3-1.
NYG– Just made the list of the top 10 worst 3-1 teams in the NFL.
WAS– I guess it wasn’t the name after all, as they just plain s*ck.

MIN– Could be scary down the road.
GB– I saw Aaron Rodgers on the side of the road looking for Wide Receivers.
CHI– If they go 8-9, a monument should be erected for Eberflus.
DET– Campbell? Defense?

TB– Giselle’s not the only one regretting Brady coming back for another year.
ATL– If ATL and CHI at 2-2 are the definition of parity in the NFL, why bother watching?
CAR– A mediocre team with a mediocre future.
NO– Payton got out just in time.

LAR– Still a chance to win the NFC.
SEA– Another example of 2-2 hopelessness.
SF– The best 1-2 team in the NFC, far from done.
AZ– Is it right for a franchise to get rid of only their good players?

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