SEA 27 NYG 13

I’m going to keep this recap fairly short. I don’t want to spend 4 hours fact checking and spooling through the highlight film.

The season of injuries finally caught up to the Giants. They missed Daniel Bellinger IMMENSELY. Please do not misinterpret this- Myarick and Hudson have the grace of Gerald Ford on ice skates. The Giants came into this year with zero at Tight End. They hit gold, 24k solid gold, with Bellinger. As a rookie, he’s been terrific. He catches, he understands his route concepts, and he likes to block! Giants Nation got a huge gift this week when we got word that not only is Bellinger ok, he’ll be back in probably 4-6 weeks. That eye injury could have potentially ended his career. So let’s be grateful for his return to any football, let alone what could be a meaningful career in blue. But back to Seattle, without a credible TE, the wheels simply came off.

Wide Receiver has been a cosmic joke this season. Between injuries and the nightmares of Golladay plus Toney, Kafka made lemonade out of lemons by weaving in Bellinger and the TEs as receiving options. Without Bellinger it was just too much to shoulder. Seattle’s DC stopped Barkley and Jones from running, but there just wasn’t enough WR beyond Slayton.

The Giants called me earlier this week and asked me to suit up this weekend at WR. I have work on Monday morning so I had to decline. So they went to their next option and tapped WR Lawrence Cager. I honestly never even heard of Cager until his name was called on television. He was an undrafted Free Agent who is now on his fourth team in 3 seasons. The Giants added him to their practice squad 12 days ago. He was added to their roster yesterday. This is what 2022 looks like.

The Giants have been making gourmet meals out of spam all season, a testament to great coaching and inspired play from a ton of players who have stepped up. They were 6-1 because they played smart football and did not turn over the ball.

Today they turned over the ball twice on Special Teams. Did Richie James have a concussion on the second hit? That would be another huge gaffe for the Giants and NFL given the lack of protocol followed w Tua earlier this season.

Too many injuries. 2 awful turnovers. The Giants came back to earth. It was great, winning while rebuilding. Today the team had to rebuild with a loss. 6-2 is still awesome. Let’s get healthy. The Giants would really prefer not to have to call me again to suit up.

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