Guest Blog: Offensive Line

Bruce comes to UltimateNYG to share his views on Offensive Line.

Marshall Newhouse, Mike Remmers, Nate Solder, Patrick Omameh, Kevin Zeitler, Billy Price.  If you’re a Giants fan, those names make your skin crawl.  All veteran guys that Dave Gettleman brought in (and overpaid for) to try to quick-fix the Giants’ offensive line.  None helped. Zeitler was good but expensive, and his play was swallowed up by bad linemate play. The NY Giants blog has been screaming for years about the need to invest in OL. Well, Joe Schoen apparently heard it.  Here’s the current list of O-lineman on the roster:

Jon Feliciano                                     Veteran FA signing from Buffalo in 2022

Jack Anderson                                   7.236 by Buffalo in 2021

Mark Glowinski                                Veteran FA signing from Indy in 2022

Joshua Ezeudu                                  3.67 by NYG in 2022

Nick Gates                                        UDFA 2018

Devry Hamilton                                UDFA 2021

Evan Neal                                         1.07 by NYG in 2022

Tyre Phillips                                     3.106  by Baltimore in 2020

Andrew Thomas                               1.04 by NYG in 2020

Solomon Kindley (practice)          4.111 by Miami in 2020

Korey Cunningham (practice)      7.254 by Arizona in 2018

Will Holden (practice)                    5.157 by Arizona in 2017

Ben Bredeson (IR)                           4.143 by Baltimore in 2020

Shane Lemieux (IR)                         5.150 by NYG in 2020

Marcus McKethan (IR)                   5.173 by NYG in 2022

Matt Peart (PUP)                              3.99 by NYG in 2020

What do we see?  Hope!!!

Feliciano is a one-year stop gap who Schoen and Daboll knew from Buffalo.  Gates is a wonderful story in the last year of his contract.  Maybe he comes back at a discounted price.  Glowinski is also a stop gap.  Probably overpaid for him, but after next season, his dead money cap number drops to $1,500,000.  Holden and Cunningham are practice meat.  Everyone else is on a rookie contract.  Six of them were picked in Round 5 or higher in 2020.  Three of them were picked this year by Schoen.  One was picked last year by Schoen at Buffalo.  THAT’s how you rebuild your line for the long haul.  The more swings you take, the more likely you are to hit. 

Keep reloading (especially at center).  Let Bobby Johnson coach them up.  Sign the right ones to long term deals.  That’s a formula for long-term success.

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