Daniel Jones, Franchise QB

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about the transformation of Daniel Jones in 2022.

Daniel Jones is not the wily magician Patrick Mahomes.

Daniel Jones is not the indomitable tank Josh Allen.

Daniel Jones is not the accurate Herbert or the confident Burrow.

The QB of the NY Giants is the resilient Daniel Jones.

At the beginning of this season I was not a believer in the future with Jones. I was not alone. At the end of April, Schoen and Daboll themselves chose not to pick up his 5th year option. Now I see the future and Jones is going to be front & center in those plans. Why? Why the change? He’s done more with less, and has addressed probably my greatest criticism- his lack of pocket poise/presence. Watch this move in the tweet below from the loss to Minnesota.

Daniel Jones did well to step into the pocket and flow to his right, extending the play and allowing Isaiah Hodgins to break open for a TD

Hodgins has three touchdowns in four weeks pic.twitter.com/8RHfOHtrN4— Nick Falato (@nickfalato) December 25, 2022

It is only one play, but this is an example of what Jones now possesses as part of his game. He rushes with precision. He takes fewer unnecessary sacks. He steps into the pocket with more frequency and with a much better clock in his head. He protects the ball.

Daniel Jones leads this team.

If Daniel Jones is going to be the franchise QB, it is going to be in part due to the stability and tutelage of the coaching staff.

“I was with (Josh Allen) for four years and each year we took a little bit of a step. [Jones’] ability to grasp information and then go out there and perform what we’re asking him to do … I think he’s made steps each way.

“I know he’s kind of a quiet guy, but in the huddle he’s a good leader. He knows everybody’s responsibilities. He can get things lined up, he can correct mistakes. He’s a problem-solver.”

Brian Daboll

It is not hard to imagine that Jones will improve with the same Offensive system providing him useful skills combined with the continuity he has lacked in his first 3 years with the Giants. His improvement in 2022, the coaching staff, confidence, experience, and an improved roster will give Jones an opportunity to become a Franchise QB. We do not want to be manic-depressives here on the blog, as naysayers after 2021 and zealots in 2022. Jones progressed substantially in 2022. He still has plenty of weakness in his game that he can improve upon. The trend is in the right direction. There is a path.

Early in the 2022 season, we said that the ‘new’ Daniel Jones which was vastly better needed to show a season’s worth of elevated play to garner a new contract. He has done that. There is little question that Joe Schoen is going to re-sign Jones. He will end up paying Jones more than you think. It will be QB eye-popping numbers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Even his biggest proponents will take pause when they see the tab. But that is the price of the most important position on the field. There are readers of this NY Giants blog that harbor doubts about Jones. They will be skeptical about Jones being worthy of the insane money that Schoen is going to pay him this offseason. A franchise tag may be part of those negotiations. Jones has earned the contract. The skeptics here will want the deal to be shorter. After witnessing how well Jones has played in 2022, while I was thinking earlier in the season that 3 years would be optimal, now I would not be surprised if Schoen goes longer than that.

Onward. The NY Giants have a QB. He is resilient and I believe his upside is significant.

2 thoughts on “Daniel Jones, Franchise QB

    1. His price tag keeps inching up. As I said, he’s going to get a bigger contract than even his supporters think he’ll get.


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