OBJ, Part 26

The Giants are not bringing OBJ back.

He’s 30 years old.

He has 2 ACL tears. He’s oft injured.

Schoen’s (albeit limited) track record demonstrates discipline. Ask yourself- if Schoen didn’t do anything at the trade deadline, why is he going to do something here with OBJ? The Giants were far healthier and now their trajectory has them in jeopardy of not making the playoffs (let alone competing for a title). You make this move if you have resources AND you have viability for a title. The Giants have neither.

OBJ will want plenty of money. Schoen needs to keep as much money as he can to re-sign Jones and others. We don’t think re-signing Barkley is the correct path for the Giants (and the player either, who will get more money elsewhere), yet the same profligate armchair GMs who advocate paying up for a RB (twice) are also the ones who want OBJ back. I’ll bet they cheered the Golladay and Tate moves too.

This is a rebuild.


Re/read this and know that OBJ forced his way out. Mara will provide this datapoint to Schoen.

There is one narrow window where it can happen- it’s a longshot. OBJ has to agree on a cheap, short (1 year) contract which is incentive-laden. He also needs to pass his physical with flying colors and demonstrate he’s ready to help immediately. This is because the only part of my calculus would be that Schoen & Daboll want Jones to have a stand-in for his contract dress rehearsal. That’s a lot of ifs. When OBJ sees the Giants undressed by Dallas on Thanksgiving he’ll just be using the Giants as a stalking horse.

The OBJ ship sailed a long time ago. Fans want to transport themselves back to the magic of 2014-2015 when the sky was the limit. Right now, the cap is the limit, and Schoen is fighting for every dollar next year. He’s got too many more important mouths to feed. Barring a dirt cheap inventive-laden contract, it’s not happening… it’s not happening.

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